Monday, September 19, 2011

To Austin & Allie :)

Yesterday went off without a hitch. It was a really good day. Everything came together perfectly for the shower and even though we didn't initially think Austin was going to be able to be at the shower he somehow pulled it off and got to be there. YAY!!! I know Allie was really happy that he got to be there.
Here's the cute couple!!!
Here's the food. It was all really good.
Here's the CAKE!!! Thanks Marla & staff!!!
The candy!! Allie's mom made the chocolate mints!! Yum!
House tea and sweet tea.
Advice/Well wishes for the couple.
Baby pictures in the entrance way.
The tables ready with the favors. :)
The gift/couple's table.
Aust & Allie with all their goodies.

To Aust (as Olivia likes to call you) & Allie:
I'm so happy for you guys. Austin, I knew when you and Allie first started dating that you two would be married some day. You two just click. And Allie, I'm so glad that over the past couple years that I've got to know you and we've become such good friends. Thanks for always being there and listening even when I sound like a crazy mad woman and thanks to both of you for always giving us good advice. We love you guys and even though we're not related, you guys are family to us! We love you and can't wait until October 22nd!!! Congrats again to the future Mr. & Mrs. Austin Guill!!!

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