Saturday, September 24, 2011

Parenting... The Strong-Willed Child

We're now in a whole new phase of life... the Toddler years!! Olivia can be so sweet, but she is so strong-willed! (I wonder who she gets that from? lol!) It's just crazy how different my two kids are. Olivia is loud and very vocal, Owen is quiet and laid back. They're both sweet, but Owen sometimes has a little extra sweetness about him. :) I've really been struggling here lately because Olivia is in this swatting at EVERYONE phase. First, it's totally disrespectful and I feel like it makes me look like I have terrible parenting skills because she's swatting at everyone, including friends, family and strangers. Second, on the other hand, I can almost understand why she does it because some people she's not real familiar with and she doesn't like them to be in her face, etc. But third, I still find it totally unacceptable. I'm trying to break her from swatting at everyone, but how do you do it???? I feel like if I'm telling her not to hit, but then I spank her for hitting, what is that teaching her?????? I've now started using time out a lot more frequently. There's a couple of specific places that we have designated in our house to call the "time out area". I don't let her sit in time out too long, but I do make her sit there without getting up. What I've come to find out, is parenting is hard. I know that some of this has to be phases that we're going thru, but I want to raise both of them to have good manners and be polite and not to hit everyone in sight. :) Recently, I was on my lunch break and I went to the Christian book store that we have in town and bought:
I haven't got very deep in it yet, but I'm really looking forward to some insight, especially from Dr. Dobson. If you have kids, what are your parenting tactics? Any advice you can give for this "hitting/swatting" phase?

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