Saturday, September 17, 2011

One of the Craziest Days.... Ever!

Today has been one of the craziest days of my life. I haven't been feeling that great so yesterday the doctor called me in an antibiotic and a steroid dose pack. At 6:30 this morning, I was wide awake thinking about everything that I need to get done for the shower. Ben rolled over and couldn't believe that I was awake this early on a Saturday morning. ha! I told him that I still needed to get some things for tomorrow, so I went ahead and got up and got ready and headed off to Wal-Mart. I have decided that I absolutely HATE the Mayfield Wal-Mart!! They NEVER have anything that I need. I found the cutest party favor idea, but I needed ring pops and of course they didn't have them. I also needed rolls for my chicken salad and they didn't have them either. My mom was still at work, so I called her and she said that she would run to Sam's with me as soon as she got off. So around 7:15 am we headed to Paducah to go to Sam's. Thankfully they had everything I needed. I also wanted to run to Hobby Lobby, but they don't open until 9:00 so I still hadn't had breakfast so I went thru the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A. While we were waiting for my order, my Nanny called my mom and said my PapPaw was really sick. She was crying and then my mom was crying, so needless to say, we booked it back to Mayfield. We went straight to my grandparents house, talking to my PapPaw's doctor on the way and then they took him to the hospital. As of right now, he's been admitted and they said he has a really bad UTI.
After the crazy hospital madness, I still had to go to Murray and pick up the cake for the shower from The Cake Lady. Marla is the absolute best!! Her cakes are awesome!! When I got back home I still had LOTS to do! Thankfully Ben is amazing and had kept control of the kiddos during all the madness, but when I got back he still had things that he needed to do, so the kids took a nap and I got to work on the shower favors. They are ADORABLE!!
They're ring pops in cellophane baggies with the tag.. I do. Me too. How cute? I love Pinterest! It gets my creative juices flowing. :)
After all the crazy madness, we got to settle down a bit and go back to Murray for our friend Corrie's birthday.
We only took Owen with us because, again, Olivia wanted to stay with her Mimi and Poppy. We went to eat at Shogun. It's a hibachi grill, but they also serve sushi. Owen had never been, but he loved it. We've taken Olivia once before, but she was terrified, but not Owie. He thought it was pretty awesome. I told Ben we were raising a pyro. LOL!
Here he was with the fire.
Here he was after the fire. LOL!
Me & the Hubs. :)
Here's the birthday girl! They came out with a drum, a disco ball and the whole ensemble. It was a fun night. I enjoyed getting together with some close friends and unwinding from the crazy day.

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