Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Joys of Parenthood

This weekend was CrAzY busy!! I thought we were busy before we had kids, but I don't think we even knew what busy was. Saturday I had to work 8 until 2, but I had to leave a few minutes early because I had to go to a wedding. A lady at our church, Kim, her daughter was getting married. It was a really cute ceremony. I loved the bridesmaid dresses and colors. They were adorable. Of course I didn't have my camera with me, so unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures. After the wedding, (I didn't even get to stay for the cake), I had to leave and come home and get the kids ready to go to Addi's 4th Birthday Party. Her party was at YaYa's Island. We hadn't ever been to YaYa's, but it was so fun! Owen and Olivia both LOVED it!!
It really is a cute place. They had a place for Owen and for Olivia to play. It was great. Olivia loved it so much that we're going to have her 2nd birthday party there. I personally love it because they do all the set up and clean up for you.
Olivia was excited because "Aunt Allie & Uncle Aust" were there too.
Brother liked crawling around and pulling up on the bouncy floor. Aren't those chubby cheeks just the cutest? ;)
After the party it was still a little early, so Ben, me, the kids and Allie & Austin all went to the mall to do a little shopping. It was fun. The guys took the kids and Allie & I actually got to SHOP!! How often does that happen?? Not very. :) We had a lot of fun. We got some great deals at Dillard's & Charlotte Russe and then we even got our eyebrows threaded. Neither one of us had ever done it, but it was quite interesting. I actually like it better then getting my eyebrows waxed. After that, we met back up with the guys and kiddos and decided it was time to head home since the mall was coming to a close.
Olivia want to carry my bag from Charlotte Russe. She kept saying she was "shopping."
The next morning we went to church and then to eat, but directly after that we headed to Kenlee's 1st Birthday Party!! Like I've said before, all of our friends have kids that literally range from one months to 3 to 4 months apart. It's hilarious when we all get together. Lots of babies and toddlers running around.
Here's the birthday girl!! Doesn't she look adorable? Her party was Owl themed. It was so stinkin' cute!
The kids playing around. :)
Still playing.
The girls together... again. :) It's been awhile since we all have got together, so I was thrilled that even with all the other obligations that we had this weekend that we could get together with some of our closet friends and celebrate Kenlee's birthday! Now I'm ready to go take a nap. LOL!

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