Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Won't Be Like This for Long

One of my most favorite songs is Daris Rucker's "It Won't Be Like This for Long." That song is so true. I've always heard that when you get older time just flies and I never realized it as much as I do now that I have kids. Time just goes by so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing Olivia home from the hospital and now she's toddling around and has a little brother. Who would of thought it? ha.
Olivia is 18 months and Owen is months old!!
Like I said, time flies!
What have they been up to these days??

Weight: 22 lbs. 2 oz. Height: 29 1/4" Head Circumference: 18 1/2"
(Yes, she'll be one of the shortest in her class... I wonder where she gets that from?) LOL!
She is little Ms. Thang! I honestly think she is the funniest person that I know. She always has us laughing. She's really into watching Dora, Olivia & The Veggie Tales. She LOVES music. When she hears music either on the radio, tv or at church she just starts dancing. It's so funny because she'll spin around in circles, clapp her hands and stomp one of her feet. We just laugh and laugh. She's very vocal, that's for sure. She's really talking. She'll pretty much repeat anything you ask her to, but the words she says the most are Momma, Dada or daddy, Oween (Owen) or Bubba, Mimi, Poppa (Poppy), Dorda (Dora) and Peease (please). She always says Meemean (Amen) after we pray or she hears someone praying at church. She usually yells it out. It's quite funny.
She LOVES her bubba. I have a feeling that they'll be inseperable. She kisses him 1000 times a day. If he cries she starts saying Oween or Bubba. She pats him on the back like she's trying to burp him. They're pretty cute together.

Weight: 16 lbs. 3 oz. Height: 23 1/4" Head Cirumference: 16 1/2"
He's a chunky monkey! He's in the 75th percentile for weight and only the 3rd percentile in height. Pretty much he's short and fat. (I'm hoping that he'll grow out of that).
He hates his bed. I think he's slept in it through the night once. Most nights he sleeps in his swing. However, he's still NOT sleeping through the night. =( I hate it because Olivia has slept through the night ever since she was a month old, but Owen just absolutely refuses to sleep through the night. I usually have to get up with him a couple times during the night & then Ben usually gets up with him once. He wears me out.
(Not sure why this picture is sideways)
Other than not sleeping, he is a great baby. Sometimes he's a little bit clingy, but for the most part he is very laid back. I can definitely tell that him & Olivia have totally different personalities. She's such a people person. She never meets a stranger. When we go to Wal-Mart she has to say hi and bye to everyone that she sees and then she has to blow them all kisses, so needless to say I usually try to go to Wal-Mart by myself. LOL! Owen on the other hand is a happy baby, but he's just not Mr. Personality.
He's on Good Start Protect Plus Formula and we're starting to introduce rice cereal to him. For the most part he's taking it pretty good. He loves 1/2 strength apple juice. I'd say his juice is probably his favorite thing.
I'm so glad that they have each other to grow up with. I was so scared that Olivia would try to kill him or be extremely jealous, but she's right the opposite. She absolutely loves and adores Owen and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about her. They are so sweet! I can't imagine our lives without them. They definitely keep us on our toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Tomb Is Empty!

Easter is such a wonderful time to celebrate our Risen Saviour! I know that we need to celebrate Him everyday, but to have a particular day set aside and celebrate what Jesus did for us when He died on the cross and rose again is just amazing! As I've gotten older, Easter seems to have a more special meaning to me. I remember when I was little I would wake up on Easter morning and go running to our bathroom (that's where my Easter basket always was... random, I know) and tear into my Easter basket. I could not wait to see what the "Easter bunny" had brought me. After I would get my Easter basket we would go to church (in my pjs) for our sunrise service, then eat breakfast, then come home and change into my "Easter dress" and then go back to church. Fun fun. Now, Easter means something TOTALLY different! Easter, to me, is giving God the glory for EVERYTHING that He has done for us and just taking extra time out of our busy schedule and acknowledging that we serve an awesome and amazing God who sent His only son to die on the cross and on the third day rose again to save us! He is truly amazing!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

This Easter was such an exciting time for our family. Unfortunately, Owen was sick and I had to keep him in so he didn't get to come to our church Easter egg hunt. However, sister and I went and she was just hilarious.
When she started hunting the easter eggs, after she got a few eggs in her basket, she just wanted to dump them all out and then she would just laugh. It was so funny. 
She looked real thrilled in this picture. LOL!
Here she is playing with one of her eggs that she found.
Still playing with the eggs... needless to say, the eggs weren't in the basket for very long.
Here she is on the move... again.

I wish that Owen could have been there with us, but I have to say just taking Olivia by herself was a trip. Last year she wasn't walking at Easter and it was a lot of fun watching her run around and dump all of her eggs out.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Giving Back

A few weeks ago we had Owen's dedication at church. As most of you know, my dad is the pastor of our church and when it comes to things like weddings, dedications, etc. Those are the days that I just want him to be dad. So for Owen and Olivia's dedications, Bro. Jerry & Sis. Merlene (they're from Branson and are just like grandparents to me) came down to do the dedication.
It was a great day. We were so glad that we could share it with so many members of our family and some of our friends.
Our sweet little man =)
Bro. Jerry & Owen
Praying for Owen
My sweet family... life is just perfect.
Ben's family
My family... aunts, uncles, cousins & all =)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thinking About Things

When you become a parent, there are many things that you don't want to think about, but you know that they are necessary to have in place. Just to name a few: saving for college, making a will, life insurance, etc. For some reason, I have really been thinking about getting our will made. We're just not guarenteed a tomorrow and I'd like to know that if something happened to Ben and I that our kids would be well taken care of.
As most of you know, I'm an only child. (This creates sort of a problem when you're trying to figure out who your kids would go to in the case of some crazy accident). Ben comes from a family of four. He has an older brother and two younger sisters. His brother and one of his sisters lives in Frankfort, KY. His other sister happens to be our next door neighboor.
 Even though his sister is our neighbor, we still usually only see them at family gatherings and since his brother and other sister live in Frankfort, we don't see them very often. If you've ever been in this kind of situation, you know it's not one that you want to face, but I believe it is necessary to have all these things figured out just for that just in case moment.
Ben and I have talked and talked and talked about who we would want our kids to go to if something happened to us and we've only been able to come up with one suitable solution. We have two friends, Austin & Allie.
(Yes, I stole this picture from her blog, I'm sure she won't mind. LOL!)
They aren't just our friends, they are like family to us. Olivia and Owen will grow up thinking that they're really their Aunt & Uncle because we always call them Aunt Allie & Uncle Austin. They are so close to our kids that usually if they don't see them at church on Sunday, then they will usually come over to the house during the week so they can see them.
Here's a prime example. On St. Patrick's Day, Allie came over and went to the park & out to eat with us. You can read more about that here.
Nevertheless, even though Ben & I had it all figured out there was still one very important thing missing. Asking them. Ben & I decided that after church we would talk to them and just see what they would say. I was hoping they would say yes, but if something happened to us, two kids, 14 months apart and they don't even have their own kids yet, you just never know. Well, they said YES!!! I cannot tell you how happy that I am. Of course, I hope that nothing ever happens to me or Ben, but in the crazy case that it does, I know that I won't have to worry about our kids. Austin and Allie treat them just as good as we do. Owen and Olivia both love them dearly and I have to say that we do too.