Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging Hiatus

I apologize for the unintentional blogging break,
but to say that we have been busy is an understatement.
We have been running on full-speed for the past couple weeks...
I'm ready for things to slow down so we can just relax,
but I'm not really seeing an end in sight at the moment.

Anyways, I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving!
I know we sure did.
We spent Thanksgiving over at Ben's parents and it was DELICIOUS!!
His mom always makes the absolute BEST turkeys
and this year was nothing short of it!
The food was SOOOO GOOD! (As it always is)! =)

Olivia enjoyed some of it too.
I think she had some dressing, mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.
She's a bottomless pit! ;-)
I thought she looked pretty cute in her turkey attire. =)

Thursday night (Thanksgiving night),
we went started our Christmas shopping.
My dad kept Olivia for us.
We started at 10:00 Thursday night
and finished around 6:00 Friday morning.
Just a word to the wise..
this is NOT something you do when you're 34 weeks pregnant!
I took a couple of naps in the car in between places,
but geez it liked to have killed me!
I'm so glad that Austin and Allie went with us
because there's NO WAY that we could have gotten everything done
by ourselves!!
We went to Toys R Us, Kohl's, Wal-Mart & Sears...
That's all, and yes it took ALL night!
Crazy, I know!
But I have to look on the bright side,
my Christmas shopping is now DONE!!
Now all I have to do is wrap all the presents,
any takers?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Hump-Day!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I've never been one to have my Christmas tree up before
Thanksgiving unless we have Thanksgiving at our house and
then I usually put it up the week of Thanksgiving.
However, this year... since I'm preggo and all...
and I still have some energy...
I started decorating for Christmas over the weekend. =)
I think that Ben was ready to pass out.
He's not one for "early" Christmas decorations,
but he understands the circumstances and
he's been a pretty good sport about it. ;-)
Here's our main tree =)
A different view...
I have to say this is my most FAVORITE tree that I've decorated.
Our stockings.
I'm a little upset because I bought these stockings last year the day after Christmas
and I only bought 3 of them...now I need 4.
The entryway
My new wreath for the front door!
I just LOVE it!!!

I have to say, I do agree with Ben,
I've never been one for Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving,
but now that we have most of our stuff up,
I'm absolutely LOVING it!!! =)

Happy Holidays!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Riding Around

Olivia sure does love her Nanny...
She takes her riding around. =)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life, Love & Happiness

I initially started blogging because
it created sort of an online scrapbook for me.
It's quick & easy and it allows me to be able to
look back and see what all was going on in our lives
at certain times and to see how Olivia has grown, etc.
Obviously I mainly blog about Olivia...
However, today, with this post, it's my "venting" from all the pregnancy hormones
that I've been experiencing and unfortunately unleashing.
I'll throw in a couple of pictures of Olivia for good measure,
but I've got to get all this out. =)
When I was pregnant with Olivia
I never really experienced any of the crazy hormones.
I might have cried a couple of times,but that was it!
I didn't feel like my entire body was taken over
by some kind of crazy alien person
who's entire purpose is to make me feel
completely & totally OUT OF CONTROL!
Three words:
Pregnancy Hormones Suck!
This past weekend, my hormones must have been at a peak.
I lost count of how many times I cried.
Yeah, it was mainly over stupid, petty little things,
but I'm not a crier.
Yes, I cry sometimes, but I can usually keep it together.
However, this weekend must have been a total exception.
There are some things going on in our lives that
Ben & I are praying and seeking God over,
and maybe the devil just got the best of me
and took complete control,
but I hate being so upset and crying and crying.
I mean what good does it do anyways?
I know that God is still God and HE is able to handle
anything and everything that we throw His way!
I just hate feeling out of control and like I'm "losing it".
I know that it's these CRAZY hormones,
but man, I'm so ready for them to disappear!
Please remember us in prayer
(yes, things are fine with Ben & I),
it's not "us,"
but there are just some things that are going
on in our lives that we're in prayer about.
I'm not really at a place where I can elaborate,
but please when you pray, say a prayer for us.
Thanks for listening to my big long spew,
sometimes it's best just to vent. =)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Owen's Baby Shower Invitation

It's almost that time...again...
another baby shower... for..
myself. ha.
Believe me, I did not plan on getting pregnant again...
Nevertheless, we couldn't be happier about it now.
I just got the proof of my baby shower invitation
and it is ADORABLE!
I ordered it from Sweet Papers on Etsy.
I LOVE that you can order custom cards
and they don't cost you a fortune!
I think the total cost for printing, mailing, envelopes, etc.
was around 20-25 dollars!
You can't beat that!

Our Beautiful Little Beaux

Yesterday we had our 4D ultrasound!
I had been looking forward to it
ever since we found out that we were expecting again.
It just amazes me how far technology has come since
I was even born,which come on, wasn't all that long ago. ha.
I hope you enjoy all of the pictures of his sweet little face.
When we got home we compared them to Olivia's 4D
and they look identical.
I can't wait until he gets here
to see how they interact with one another.

  "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:
marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well"
Psalms 139:14

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Boo-tiful Bumble Bee

Even though this was not Olivia's "first" Halloween,
to me, it kind of was.
Last year she was only 8 days old on Halloween.
I had made her a tutu and she had a pumpkin onsie
and we went to see my grandparents and that was it.
This year....
she was a BUMBLE BEE!!
And I have to say... she was the cutest bee I've ever seen. ;-)
Even though she's still too little for
"trick or treating,"
we enjoyed dressing her up and
going to see some of our family.
We also enjoyed the fall festival and
trunk or treat that we had at our church!
I know there will be many more Halloweens to come
and I look forward to them.
It's fun making new traditions with our little family.


12 Month Update

You are now ONE!!!
(Sorry for the delay... we've been busy).
Boy, how you have changed in a year!
Friday we went to the doctor for your check-up and shots. =(
The doctor says you're right where you need to be.
However, you had to get SIX, yes SIX shots!
And a finger stick!
(Needless to say, mommy & daddy were broken hearted).
But you did great!
I think the shots gave you lots of energy because
you were bouncing off the walls Friday night. ha.

You now weigh 20 lbs. and a few oz.
(I forgot the exact amt).
Your height, weight & head growth are right on target!
There's a few changes the doctor wants us to make...
We have to get rid of your bottle!
but the doctor says you need to only take your sippy cup.
So, no more bottle... only sippy. =(
I'm sorry sissy girl!

Also, no more formula, only whole milk.
I'm pretty happy about this one,
and you seem to be liking it pretty good.
We're also working on some more table foods,
because girly you like to eat! =)

You are a babbling machine!
You rattle and rattle.
Words you actually say these days are:
Momma, Dada, Popp-e, Bye bye, Hi, ba-ba,
sometimes Pap Paw & baby.
(I'm sure that there's some more words that I'm leaving out,
but those are the only ones I can think of).
You wear a size 3 diaper
and 9 to 12 month clothes.
You are getting to be one big girl!
I can't believe that in a couple more months
you'll have a little brother!!

Mommy & Daddy love you with all of our hearts!!
You truly make are lives COMPLETE!!