Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spontaneous Trip

Last night when I got home from work Ben wanted to go to Big Lots to get some new accessories for his new desk/bookshelf at work. I really wanted to go to Paducah so I could go to Michael's and TJ Maxx. I didn't think that he would want to get the kids ready and head to Paducah at 6:30, but to my surprise he did. We got ready and off we went.
Our first stop was Michael's. I've been in a crafty mood, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything that really suited me. (I guess it's a good thing... less money to spend. ha!) Our next stop was going to be Hobby Lobby, but they close at 8:00... who knew? So instead we went to TJ Maxx.
I love TJ Maxx... well most of the time. Sometimes I can go in and find the greatest buys, but then sometimes I'm not as lucky. I absolutely love their home decor'. I've been wanting some new lamps for our living room and I found a pair that I liked alright, they were the style that I'm looking for, but they just weren't exactly what I wanted.
As I was searching for lamps Ben and the kids were over in the toy area. We ended up leaving with an Dora floor puzzle (it's going to be a birthday present) and a Dora learning book. It never fails, if Daddy comes along on a shopping trip we usually leave with some sort of toy. :)
Our next stop was Sweet Cece's. It's a new frozen yogurt place and let me tell you it is DELICIOUS!!!! They had several different yogurts to choose from, but the best part was all the toppings!!! They had gummy worms to Fruity Pebbles to waffle cone pieces to chocolate chip cookie dough to fresh fruit. You name it, they probably had it. It was really good. I got the CUPCAKE BATTER frozen yogurt and if that wasn't good enough by itself I added Kit Kat, waffle cone pieces, hot fudge and caramel. Yeah, I'm a fatty, oh well. LOL! Ben got the Hershey Chocolate Bar frozen yogurt and he added some type of chocolate bar and hot fudge and caramel. Olivia and Owen both loved it. It was a fun spontaneous night and both of the kids were so good! (That's a rare thing these days). LOL! I am really loving our family outings here lately!

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