Friday, September 30, 2011

Show Us Your Life ~ Favorite Kids Shops

Today over at Kelly's Korner ~ Show Us Your Life it's all about favorite kid's shops. I love shopping for my kiddos. I get asked quite often where I get Olivia's clothes and most of them I buy from a friend of mine, but she gets them from some of my favorite places.
I love The Plaid Rabbit. It's a cute children's botique store in Murray. One of my other favorites is Tot N Teen in Paducah. Both of these stores carry some of my most FAVORITE designs such as Petit Ami, LaJenn's and Potato Saks.
Yes, both of these stores are high $$$ , but when they have sales, they have sales! A couple of years ago my mom bought Olivia a LaJenn's Christmas outfit regularly priced $98 and she got it for like $28!!

That's the outfit and luckily she will get to wear it again this year!! YAY!!!
However, I'm also a HUGE fan of consignment shops. My most favorite consignment shop is Twice Upon A Time. It's located in Paducah. They're prices are very reasonable and I love the owner Jennifer, she is just the sweetest.
For Owen, I love the consignment stores and buying clothes from friends. My favorite brands for him are Ralph Lauren Polo, Carter's and Crazy8.
Here's my little man with a mix up of some of my favorite things, Carter's and Polo. :)
I've always been obsessed with shoes, but I guess I'm passing that on to both of my kids because for Owen, I LOVE Robeez! For Olivia, I love Squeaker Shoes and I also love Puddle Jumper Shoes.
I've always loved to shop, but now it's even more exciting because I get to shop for my little kiddos and who doesn't love that?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spontaneous Trip

Last night when I got home from work Ben wanted to go to Big Lots to get some new accessories for his new desk/bookshelf at work. I really wanted to go to Paducah so I could go to Michael's and TJ Maxx. I didn't think that he would want to get the kids ready and head to Paducah at 6:30, but to my surprise he did. We got ready and off we went.
Our first stop was Michael's. I've been in a crafty mood, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything that really suited me. (I guess it's a good thing... less money to spend. ha!) Our next stop was going to be Hobby Lobby, but they close at 8:00... who knew? So instead we went to TJ Maxx.
I love TJ Maxx... well most of the time. Sometimes I can go in and find the greatest buys, but then sometimes I'm not as lucky. I absolutely love their home decor'. I've been wanting some new lamps for our living room and I found a pair that I liked alright, they were the style that I'm looking for, but they just weren't exactly what I wanted.
As I was searching for lamps Ben and the kids were over in the toy area. We ended up leaving with an Dora floor puzzle (it's going to be a birthday present) and a Dora learning book. It never fails, if Daddy comes along on a shopping trip we usually leave with some sort of toy. :)
Our next stop was Sweet Cece's. It's a new frozen yogurt place and let me tell you it is DELICIOUS!!!! They had several different yogurts to choose from, but the best part was all the toppings!!! They had gummy worms to Fruity Pebbles to waffle cone pieces to chocolate chip cookie dough to fresh fruit. You name it, they probably had it. It was really good. I got the CUPCAKE BATTER frozen yogurt and if that wasn't good enough by itself I added Kit Kat, waffle cone pieces, hot fudge and caramel. Yeah, I'm a fatty, oh well. LOL! Ben got the Hershey Chocolate Bar frozen yogurt and he added some type of chocolate bar and hot fudge and caramel. Olivia and Owen both loved it. It was a fun spontaneous night and both of the kids were so good! (That's a rare thing these days). LOL! I am really loving our family outings here lately!

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Most Favorite Time of Year

Yes, that's right it's my most favorite time of year... I look forward to this almost as much as I look forward to Christmas.. it's BBQ on the River!!!!! YAAY!!! And this year I wasn't pregnant!! Another YAAAY!!! (The last two years I've been pregnant and the year before last I was on bed rest, so I was VERY happy that I didn't have to waddle through the crowds this year!!)  lol! I absolutely LOVE fall and I look forward to BBQ on the River every year. Not only is there tons of great food, but there's also vendors set up selling they're goodies- ranging from jewelry to art to belt buckles to sunglasses. It's so much fun!

If it's even possible, I was more excited than usual this year because we got to take the kids with us. We went Friday night and met up with Austin & Allie. Olivia, of course, was especially excited to see Aust and Addi (aka Allie). I haven't been on a Friday night in awhile and boy, it sure was CROWDED!!! Ben did a great job maneuvering the double stroller through the crowds of people. We enjoyed some good BBQ along with helping support a local charity called The Laurel Foundation.
Saturday, after I got off work, Ben and I took the kids and went back to Paducah. Olivia kept saying, "Daduca" (Paducah) and then she would say, "downtown." ha. She's one funny girl.
I was on a mission. Friday night I had BBQ, but Saturday I wanted all the other fattening goodies. We met up with a couple of our friends for a few minutes and then it was off to get the good food.
Ben wanted fried pickles and I wanted ribbon fries (a plate full of fried potatoes made into yummy chips) so Ben took Owen and I took Olivia and off to stand in line we went.
After we got those, we decided to go over in front of the The Quilter's Museum and sit and the grass and enjoy our goodies. I still wanted a polish sausage with peppers and onions and a lemon shake-up (the absolute BEST lemonade) so Ben hung out with the kids and off to stand in line again I went.
I guess Owen had too much fun because he pretty much slept the whole time. Whenever I got back with our food, Olivia was having a big time playing in the grass so we took advantage of it and took lots of pictures (as you can see)
I hate that Owen slept because this is the only picture we got of him all day. :( However, we had a blast. I love days when the weather cooperates and we can go spend a fun day together as a family.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Parenting... The Strong-Willed Child

We're now in a whole new phase of life... the Toddler years!! Olivia can be so sweet, but she is so strong-willed! (I wonder who she gets that from? lol!) It's just crazy how different my two kids are. Olivia is loud and very vocal, Owen is quiet and laid back. They're both sweet, but Owen sometimes has a little extra sweetness about him. :) I've really been struggling here lately because Olivia is in this swatting at EVERYONE phase. First, it's totally disrespectful and I feel like it makes me look like I have terrible parenting skills because she's swatting at everyone, including friends, family and strangers. Second, on the other hand, I can almost understand why she does it because some people she's not real familiar with and she doesn't like them to be in her face, etc. But third, I still find it totally unacceptable. I'm trying to break her from swatting at everyone, but how do you do it???? I feel like if I'm telling her not to hit, but then I spank her for hitting, what is that teaching her?????? I've now started using time out a lot more frequently. There's a couple of specific places that we have designated in our house to call the "time out area". I don't let her sit in time out too long, but I do make her sit there without getting up. What I've come to find out, is parenting is hard. I know that some of this has to be phases that we're going thru, but I want to raise both of them to have good manners and be polite and not to hit everyone in sight. :) Recently, I was on my lunch break and I went to the Christian book store that we have in town and bought:
I haven't got very deep in it yet, but I'm really looking forward to some insight, especially from Dr. Dobson. If you have kids, what are your parenting tactics? Any advice you can give for this "hitting/swatting" phase?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Owen Says MOMMY!!!

Owen has now started talking and his first word is.....
YAY!!!! Olivia said Dada first, so I was beyond excited when his first word was Mommy!!

To Austin & Allie :)

Yesterday went off without a hitch. It was a really good day. Everything came together perfectly for the shower and even though we didn't initially think Austin was going to be able to be at the shower he somehow pulled it off and got to be there. YAY!!! I know Allie was really happy that he got to be there.
Here's the cute couple!!!
Here's the food. It was all really good.
Here's the CAKE!!! Thanks Marla & staff!!!
The candy!! Allie's mom made the chocolate mints!! Yum!
House tea and sweet tea.
Advice/Well wishes for the couple.
Baby pictures in the entrance way.
The tables ready with the favors. :)
The gift/couple's table.
Aust & Allie with all their goodies.

To Aust (as Olivia likes to call you) & Allie:
I'm so happy for you guys. Austin, I knew when you and Allie first started dating that you two would be married some day. You two just click. And Allie, I'm so glad that over the past couple years that I've got to know you and we've become such good friends. Thanks for always being there and listening even when I sound like a crazy mad woman and thanks to both of you for always giving us good advice. We love you guys and even though we're not related, you guys are family to us! We love you and can't wait until October 22nd!!! Congrats again to the future Mr. & Mrs. Austin Guill!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

One of the Craziest Days.... Ever!

Today has been one of the craziest days of my life. I haven't been feeling that great so yesterday the doctor called me in an antibiotic and a steroid dose pack. At 6:30 this morning, I was wide awake thinking about everything that I need to get done for the shower. Ben rolled over and couldn't believe that I was awake this early on a Saturday morning. ha! I told him that I still needed to get some things for tomorrow, so I went ahead and got up and got ready and headed off to Wal-Mart. I have decided that I absolutely HATE the Mayfield Wal-Mart!! They NEVER have anything that I need. I found the cutest party favor idea, but I needed ring pops and of course they didn't have them. I also needed rolls for my chicken salad and they didn't have them either. My mom was still at work, so I called her and she said that she would run to Sam's with me as soon as she got off. So around 7:15 am we headed to Paducah to go to Sam's. Thankfully they had everything I needed. I also wanted to run to Hobby Lobby, but they don't open until 9:00 so I still hadn't had breakfast so I went thru the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A. While we were waiting for my order, my Nanny called my mom and said my PapPaw was really sick. She was crying and then my mom was crying, so needless to say, we booked it back to Mayfield. We went straight to my grandparents house, talking to my PapPaw's doctor on the way and then they took him to the hospital. As of right now, he's been admitted and they said he has a really bad UTI.
After the crazy hospital madness, I still had to go to Murray and pick up the cake for the shower from The Cake Lady. Marla is the absolute best!! Her cakes are awesome!! When I got back home I still had LOTS to do! Thankfully Ben is amazing and had kept control of the kiddos during all the madness, but when I got back he still had things that he needed to do, so the kids took a nap and I got to work on the shower favors. They are ADORABLE!!
They're ring pops in cellophane baggies with the tag.. I do. Me too. How cute? I love Pinterest! It gets my creative juices flowing. :)
After all the crazy madness, we got to settle down a bit and go back to Murray for our friend Corrie's birthday.
We only took Owen with us because, again, Olivia wanted to stay with her Mimi and Poppy. We went to eat at Shogun. It's a hibachi grill, but they also serve sushi. Owen had never been, but he loved it. We've taken Olivia once before, but she was terrified, but not Owie. He thought it was pretty awesome. I told Ben we were raising a pyro. LOL!
Here he was with the fire.
Here he was after the fire. LOL!
Me & the Hubs. :)
Here's the birthday girl! They came out with a drum, a disco ball and the whole ensemble. It was a fun night. I enjoyed getting together with some close friends and unwinding from the crazy day.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Preview of the Shower :)

Tonight after work Christy and I went out to church to decorate the fellowship hall for Austin and Allie's couples shower on Sunday. Here's a few pics... I think it's going to be adorable!!!
Here's the food table. It has varying heights and of course lights. I love. :)
This is the cake and drink table.
Here's the entrance table. I'm going to put Austin and Allie's baby pictures on this table so everyone can look at them when they come in.
Here's the couple's table. Don't you just LOVE the Mr. heart Mrs. banner?? I found one on etsy, but it was from Italy and I knew that it wouldn't get here in time, so I went to see my friend Sara and Petals and Pots and she made it!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
Here's the tables. Sara also made the flower arrangements. I think they turned out perfect! There will be more to follow. I think I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football??????

Last night we took Owen to his first football game, Mayfield vs. Murray. He was so good. We would have taken both kids, but the night before dad had been over at the house and Olivia cried to go home with him so he promised her that last night she could spend the night. She was happy. I wasn't sure how Owen would react. He's not really been exposed to cooler weather and people cheering, but we took the stroller and he sat in it for awhile and then Ben and I passed him back and forth.
It was a lot of fun. Obviously if you don't know by now, we're football people. I don't care if it's high school, college or pro, we just love us some football. Mayfield football around here is a big deal. I didn't go to Mayfield, but almost everyone I work with went to Mayfield and they're huge fans and so it's been passed on to me.
The thing I like most about going to the Mayfield games is the tailgating. It's fun to sit in the end zone and socialize and watch the game.
Owen was decked out with his football shoes on. :)
This is my most favorite picture... my two guys watching the game.
We actually left with a few minutes to go in the 4th, but Mayfield had it in the bag.
Way to go Cards!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fantasy Football 101

Ben and I have talked about having a live fantasy football draft for a couple of years now, but that's all that it's ever been, talk. We've always said, "we should do that". This year, our talk actually turned into real life!! =) I'm a sucker for always wanting to get everybody together especially when football is involved, so last night we had our First LIVE Fantasy Football Draft!!!
Here's the spread of yummy game food!!
I just love this little basket that I got at Kirkland's the other day. I dressed it up with a little bow and voile'. Cuteness! :)
I think with all the kids and adults there was like 20 people at our house! It was pure chaos!! We had the laptop connected to the tv and then two whiteboards  where our picks we written down and we literally had a draft.
We randomly drew numbers as to who could have the first pick and so on.
I have to say even through all the chaos it was a lot of fun!!
And yes, Austin and Ben looked liked complete idiots dressed in the same $3 Hurley shirt that Allie and I got them the other day at Dillard's.
The kids had a great time playing. I'm so glad that we can all get together and our kids all play so well together. It makes for a really good time.
Now on to fantasy football.... GAME ON!!!
Good luck everyone this football season!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Joys of Parenthood

This weekend was CrAzY busy!! I thought we were busy before we had kids, but I don't think we even knew what busy was. Saturday I had to work 8 until 2, but I had to leave a few minutes early because I had to go to a wedding. A lady at our church, Kim, her daughter was getting married. It was a really cute ceremony. I loved the bridesmaid dresses and colors. They were adorable. Of course I didn't have my camera with me, so unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures. After the wedding, (I didn't even get to stay for the cake), I had to leave and come home and get the kids ready to go to Addi's 4th Birthday Party. Her party was at YaYa's Island. We hadn't ever been to YaYa's, but it was so fun! Owen and Olivia both LOVED it!!
It really is a cute place. They had a place for Owen and for Olivia to play. It was great. Olivia loved it so much that we're going to have her 2nd birthday party there. I personally love it because they do all the set up and clean up for you.
Olivia was excited because "Aunt Allie & Uncle Aust" were there too.
Brother liked crawling around and pulling up on the bouncy floor. Aren't those chubby cheeks just the cutest? ;)
After the party it was still a little early, so Ben, me, the kids and Allie & Austin all went to the mall to do a little shopping. It was fun. The guys took the kids and Allie & I actually got to SHOP!! How often does that happen?? Not very. :) We had a lot of fun. We got some great deals at Dillard's & Charlotte Russe and then we even got our eyebrows threaded. Neither one of us had ever done it, but it was quite interesting. I actually like it better then getting my eyebrows waxed. After that, we met back up with the guys and kiddos and decided it was time to head home since the mall was coming to a close.
Olivia want to carry my bag from Charlotte Russe. She kept saying she was "shopping."
The next morning we went to church and then to eat, but directly after that we headed to Kenlee's 1st Birthday Party!! Like I've said before, all of our friends have kids that literally range from one months to 3 to 4 months apart. It's hilarious when we all get together. Lots of babies and toddlers running around.
Here's the birthday girl!! Doesn't she look adorable? Her party was Owl themed. It was so stinkin' cute!
The kids playing around. :)
Still playing.
The girls together... again. :) It's been awhile since we all have got together, so I was thrilled that even with all the other obligations that we had this weekend that we could get together with some of our closet friends and celebrate Kenlee's birthday! Now I'm ready to go take a nap. LOL!