Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Olivia 9 Months

You are 9 months old!
What are you up to these days??
You are now officially crawling.
You absolutely love it!
You're on the move all the time.
We had to lower your bed because you started pulling yourself up and we didn't want you falling out in the floor.
You love for us to hold your hands and let you walk around.
You've started pulling up on coffee tables, the couch, church pews, etc.
I swear you'll be walking before too long.

You love your Mama and Dadda.
You say "Dadda" ALL the time!
You are getting to be one BIG girl.
You love to eat.
On average you eat between 4 to 6 jars of baby food a day.
We've also started introducing you to some "table" foods. 
You LOVE some food.
Your favorite baby food is Apples & Ham.
Probably your most favorite "table" food is Mimi's sugar-free homemade ice cream.
(When we go to the lake you and your 
Poppy share some before bedtime).
I'm not sure how much you weigh, 
but we'll find out Friday at your check-up.
I just know you're getting to get heavy. =)
Mimi says she would've never thought that we would have a "fat" baby. Ha.

We've just started putting you in a convertible car seat 
because you were outgrowing your infant carrier. 
I think you enjoy your new seat.

You love the water and you still love bath time.
You're definitely a water baby. =)  
You babble babble babble.
We've started noticing when we put you to bed at night that you will take your bottle and then you will lay in bed for about 15 to 20 minutes and talk and talk and then you go to sleep.
I keep telling your daddy that you're telling us all your secrets. ha.

Olivia, you bring such joy and happiness to our lives.
I can't say it enough, but I do not remember life without you and I don't want to.
You are going to be a GREAT big sister. 
We love you with ALL of our hearts.
Mommy & Daddy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Water Baby

A few weeks ago Ben took a week off from work
and stayed at the lake.
I didn't have the "time" to take off, but I drove back and forth from work everyday to be with him and Olivia.
I had made a promise to myself that
I would not get Olivia in the lake.
You know how we moms do, our lists of reasons...
It's too yucky
It's too scary
It's too...
on and on.
However, I happened to go to the good ole' Dollar General that's right down the street and I fell in LOVE with a float that they had for baby's.
How could I resist an adorable $6.00 float?
Well... here's the result...
Pure Bliss!
She absolutely loved the water.
I am forever grateful to the good ole' DG for helping me come to terms with the lake and Olivia. Ha.

Happy Hump-Day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Olivia's Mini-Session for Lulabells Baby Boutique

I've got lots of catching up to do, 
but I really want to post some pictures.
Yesterday we had a great mini-photo session with my friend Angie
She had contacted me about Olivia modeling some petite headbands from 
Of course, me & headbands for Ms. Thang?
How could I resist? 
Here's the result... me LOVE!
(Thanks again Angie).

Friday, July 2, 2010

Show Us Your Life ~ Show Us What You Make

This week over at Kelly's Korner
It's Show Us What You Make...

I have to admit, I never thought I would ever want a sewing machine
or would ever want to "make" anything.
However, while I was pregnant with Olivia, that all changed.
I suddenly became obsessed with tutus, hair bows, headbands, flowers, etc.
I knew that Olivia was going to be born right around Halloween
and this was my very first tutu and flower set that I ever made.
She was 8 days old in this picture. =)
Here is my sweet girl again with another one of my crazy flower/crocheted hat creations. :-)
Then for Valentine's Day I had the bright idea of a MAJOR hot pink, light pink & white tutu. As you can see the final product above. ha.

For me, like I said, I NEVER ever thought that I would want to make tutus or hair bows or headbands, etc. But that has all changed. I now can't imagine not wanting to make anything. ha.

I don't have an etsy shop site set up yet, but I'm working on that.
I recently acquired a sewing machine (previously I was sewing all that by hand).
I'm now hoping to start making pillowcase dresses, little outfits, appliqued shirts, etc.
If you're interested in any of my designs then shoot me an e-mail @
I'm hoping to have my etsy site up soon.

But I have to leave with one final question...
What do you make?
Go on over to Kelly's Korner and link up.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A blogging day of silence for Cohen

Thinking and Praying for Megan, Brent & their family today.
To read more about Cohen's story go here or here