Monday, September 26, 2011

My Most Favorite Time of Year

Yes, that's right it's my most favorite time of year... I look forward to this almost as much as I look forward to Christmas.. it's BBQ on the River!!!!! YAAY!!! And this year I wasn't pregnant!! Another YAAAY!!! (The last two years I've been pregnant and the year before last I was on bed rest, so I was VERY happy that I didn't have to waddle through the crowds this year!!)  lol! I absolutely LOVE fall and I look forward to BBQ on the River every year. Not only is there tons of great food, but there's also vendors set up selling they're goodies- ranging from jewelry to art to belt buckles to sunglasses. It's so much fun!

If it's even possible, I was more excited than usual this year because we got to take the kids with us. We went Friday night and met up with Austin & Allie. Olivia, of course, was especially excited to see Aust and Addi (aka Allie). I haven't been on a Friday night in awhile and boy, it sure was CROWDED!!! Ben did a great job maneuvering the double stroller through the crowds of people. We enjoyed some good BBQ along with helping support a local charity called The Laurel Foundation.
Saturday, after I got off work, Ben and I took the kids and went back to Paducah. Olivia kept saying, "Daduca" (Paducah) and then she would say, "downtown." ha. She's one funny girl.
I was on a mission. Friday night I had BBQ, but Saturday I wanted all the other fattening goodies. We met up with a couple of our friends for a few minutes and then it was off to get the good food.
Ben wanted fried pickles and I wanted ribbon fries (a plate full of fried potatoes made into yummy chips) so Ben took Owen and I took Olivia and off to stand in line we went.
After we got those, we decided to go over in front of the The Quilter's Museum and sit and the grass and enjoy our goodies. I still wanted a polish sausage with peppers and onions and a lemon shake-up (the absolute BEST lemonade) so Ben hung out with the kids and off to stand in line again I went.
I guess Owen had too much fun because he pretty much slept the whole time. Whenever I got back with our food, Olivia was having a big time playing in the grass so we took advantage of it and took lots of pictures (as you can see)
I hate that Owen slept because this is the only picture we got of him all day. :( However, we had a blast. I love days when the weather cooperates and we can go spend a fun day together as a family.

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