Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fantasy Football 101

Ben and I have talked about having a live fantasy football draft for a couple of years now, but that's all that it's ever been, talk. We've always said, "we should do that". This year, our talk actually turned into real life!! =) I'm a sucker for always wanting to get everybody together especially when football is involved, so last night we had our First LIVE Fantasy Football Draft!!!
Here's the spread of yummy game food!!
I just love this little basket that I got at Kirkland's the other day. I dressed it up with a little bow and voile'. Cuteness! :)
I think with all the kids and adults there was like 20 people at our house! It was pure chaos!! We had the laptop connected to the tv and then two whiteboards  where our picks we written down and we literally had a draft.
We randomly drew numbers as to who could have the first pick and so on.
I have to say even through all the chaos it was a lot of fun!!
And yes, Austin and Ben looked liked complete idiots dressed in the same $3 Hurley shirt that Allie and I got them the other day at Dillard's.
The kids had a great time playing. I'm so glad that we can all get together and our kids all play so well together. It makes for a really good time.
Now on to fantasy football.... GAME ON!!!
Good luck everyone this football season!!

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