Monday, August 30, 2010

Lazy Weekend

This weekend was a very nice and relaxing one.
Friday night we went to the lake to spend time
with my mom and dad for their anniversary.
I had made my mom some chocolate mocha cupcakes
and chocolate buttercream cupcakes.
(Boy, they were good). =)
We ended up getting on the boat
and going to the Hot August Blues Festival.
The weather was really nice.
We didn't stay too long, but it was fun riding over there and back.
Olivia enjoyed the boat ride.
Saturday morning I had made a breakfast casserole
so my mom wouldn't have to cook too much.
We enjoyed biscuits, gravy and breakfast casserole.
(Can you tell, we like to eat?) ha.
After breakfast we headed back home.
We enjoyed spending a quiet Saturday morning at the house.
It was very nice!
Usuallly Ben works every other Saturday
and the Saturdays that he's off we're always busy,
so it was really nice being able to spend the day
with my two sweeties and not have any plans.
We went to church Sunday morning.
Afterwards, my mom & I went to a jewelry party
and then we had to go to the funeral home.
Please keep the Russell family in your prayers.
They're 8 year old son, Quincy was diagnosed with
Neuroblastoma when he was 3,
Friday morning he passed away.
To read more about Quincy's amazing story,

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