Monday, August 16, 2010

Hair Bows, a Birthday Party & a Baby Shower

I feel like I've been caught up in a whirlwind.
This weekend was BUSY!!!
Friday night was actually quite relaxing.
We got home from work and I made vegetable lasagna.
It was very yummy. =)
After we ate I took my mom and her co-workers a plate.
(I had made enough lasagna for an army). ha.
After that we just watched TV and relaxed.
It was quite nice.

Now Saturday, on the other hand, was quite exhausting.
Ben was on call this weekend
and we were awaken by his phone ringing.
We got up and I got Olivia.
We ate breakfast and then the day started.
We had several errands to run.
While we were out and about we stopped by my parent's house.
My mom had the great idea of going to eat lunch at Dumplins.
(One of my most favorite places, so how could I resist?)
So we headed to Murray for some shopping and eating.
We went to this one store, which I absolutely love, to browse around.
They have adorable cute handmade clothes/hair bows.
While we were there I had an epiphany...
I decided that I can make Olivia's hair bows.
I have spent WAY too much money in the past on her bows/flowers,
why not learn to make them myself?
Well, that's just what I've done.
This was the first one that I made.
I'm pretty proud of myself. Ha.
It's really not that hard and I can't believe that
I've paid double/triple/quadruple for these before.
By the time we got back home it was time for us to change
and head to a birthday party.
Our friends little girl turned 3.
This was Olivia's first birthday party invitation. =)
I think Ms. Thang enjoyed herself.
I know that she loved the icing on the cupcakes. ha.
I wish that I would have taken some pictures while we were there,
but my camera was dead.

Sunday, we went to church and
then my mom and I went to my friend Megan's baby shower.
Thanks Jesse for taking this "lovely" picture. (Not really).
Here's all the girls. =)
Megan got some REALLY cute stuff.
Then here's all the PREG-O girls.
Megan is due in September, Nichole is due in November,
 I'm due in December & Corrie is due in January.
Everyone is having a girl, except me.
I think that's okay though because Elijah
will have his pick of the girls. ha.
Needless to say our weekend was JAM-PACKED!
But we had a really good time seeing our friends and celebrating their days with them.

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