Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Bedding, Clothes & One Happy Mama

Last week I found some GREAT bargains!!
I have now purchased Elijah's bedding
and my mom & I bought Olivia's entire fall/winter wardrobe
from a lady we know.
Neither one of these pictures begin do justice to what all we bought.
I'm so glad that we know somebody who actually takes
REALLY good care of her daughter's clothes
and let's us have first pick at them. =)
Literally, I won't have to buy Olivia anything else for fall or winter.
We bought four pairs of shoes and
an ADORABLE Biscotti faux fur coat & hat.
Little Ms. Thang is all set,
now if only the weather would start to cool off. ;-)

Another great deal that I found last week was Elijah's bedding!!!
I happened to get off work early one day and
there's a consignment store in
 Lone Oak that I absolutley love, Twice Upon A Time.
I just stopped in to browse a minute
and I found this.... (picture below).
Is it not the cutest bedding?
And for only $60.00... Yes $60 bucks I love it even more!
I bought the quilt, bumper pad, bed skirt,
diaper stacker & window valance.
I cannot wait to get started on his room.
I'm thinking I'm going to buy a light colored wood bed
because I already have a chest
and with the lighter wood I think it would be a perfect match.

So go out and buy something...
here's to some happy bargain shopping! =)

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