Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello all!
Sorry I've been so lazy...
I just haven't really had anything "that" exciting to blog about.
However, I'm soooo excited because I
know that fall is just right around the corner.
It is my most FAVORITE time of the year!
The past few days we've enjoyed the beautiful weather--
we've had our windows open
and it has been so nice.
Since it was a holiday weekend and work has been slow..
I took off Friday in anticipation that Ben would also be off
and we could get some much needed work done around the house.
Needless to say, things didn't go as planned.
Ben went to a respiratory conference in Memphis Thursday night and
he did not get home until EARLY Friday morning.
I just figured he would take the day off or
at least work only half a day Friday.
However, he ended up working all day.
 Then, I thought he would be off Saturday...
well that didn't work out either because he worked then too.
Needless to say, my "plans" did not go as planned.
I really wanted to work on Elijah's room, possibly paint our
living room and bathroom
and then just spend some quality time together,
just the three of us.
However, sometimes things just don't work out.
If things would have gone according to my plans,
then we had anticipated on going up to the lake Sunday night
and spending the night and then enjoying
Labor Day with our friends and family.
Since Ben worked all weekend,
we decided to stay home Sunday night and
we ended up going to the lake yesterday.
I had also made plans to go to the
arts and crafts festival in Grand Rivers
with my mom yesterday.
However, that also ended up falling through
and it ended up just being me, Ben and Olivia.
(Thanks babe for being such a good sport and going with me).
After we left the arts and crafts we went to my parents trailer.
I must say, even though everything seemed to "fall through,"
we had a really good time at the lake.
Several of our friends from church and some of our family
came up and we enjoyed LOTS of good food and good company.
All in all, even though "my plans"
were shot out of the water this weekend,
I must say, I enjoyed spending some much needed time at home
doing laundry and playing with Olivia and cleaning the house.
Sometimes it's just nice to just set back and relax.
However, I can't end this post without thanking my hubby
for everything he does for us!
Considering he was dog tired, he worked all weekend
and I never heard him complain.
Thank you babe!
I love you with all of my heart!!

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