Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our 1st & Almost 2nd Trip to the ER

Our weekend has definitely started off with a BANG and not in a good way! The kids have been battling sinuses/allergies for a couple of weeks now. We've been really lucky that neither one of them are hardly ever sick. So a couple of weeks ago they both were started on an antibiotic (The 2nd antibiotic that they've ever been on). They've since gotten better, but the last few days, they, well Owen seemed to get worse. I called the doctor on Wednesday and told them that he was getting the greenish colored mucus/snot coming from his nose again, but I told them that I really didn't think he needed an antibiotic, he just needed something to dry up the mucus. They told me that I could give him 2ml's of Benadryl before he went to bed and that if he wasn't better I'd need to bring him in because he'd need another antibiotic. Thursday morning he still didn't seem like he felt very good, but I went on to work, but by lunch I was taking him to the doctor because he was really congested. Unfortunately, his doctor wasn't in so we had to see another doctor and she said it was probably just allergies and she prescribed him Zyrtec. :( I really didn't want another antibiotic, but I definitely thought he needed something stronger then Zyrtec.
This is what he looked like Friday morning! Yeah, I changed my mind and definitely thought he needed an antibiotic! He was pitiful. I called them first thing and they called him in another antihistamine/decongestant :( Unfortunately, they don't make it anymore, so I had to call them back and thankfully the wonderful nurse I talked to on Wednesday reviewed his chart and all the umpteen dozen phone calls I made and said yes he needs a different antibiotic! HALLELUJAH!! Thankfully he's feeling much better now! YAY!!!
So as you can see, this is just the start of what we've been dealing with...
Friday night when I got home Olivia was laying in the recliner with Ben. If you know my daughter, then you know this NEVER happens. It's rare that she'll sit in your lap for two seconds. She's just busy. We knew that she didn't feel very good, but we didn't really know what was wrong. I went ahead and started supper and as I was coming to get them to eat, she threw up all over Ben and herself! It was disgusting. When we went to clean her up, we changed her diaper and we noticed blood in her diaper. I immediately panicked! We're not ones to go to the ER or take our kids to the ER. (I mean usually our kids only go see the doctor for their well-checks), but I knew that something was wrong and we didn't have time to wait, so my dad came over to watch Owen and we headed to the ER.
Initially we were going to take her to Mayfield to the ER. Since Ben and my mom both work there, that's where I felt most comfortable, but Ben called the ER and they were covered up with a bus accident, so we weren't sure how long we would have to wait, so we decided to take her to Murray. Her pediatrician is in Murray, so we thought that would be okay too. Boy, were we wrong!!
Don't get me wrong, the registration staff and the triage nurse were wonderful. They were all very sweet and caring. It was pretty obvious this was our first trip to the ER and we were concerned for our little girl and they seemed to understand that. However, when we were taken back to a room to see a doctor, that's a whole other story!
The doctor came in, but we thought he was a nurse. He never introduced himself and he wasn't in our room for no more than two minutes!! I'm used to when I go see a doctor they introduce themselves and try to figure out what's going on. He was very hateful and just kept ordering Ben (as Olivia is screaming because her belly hurts and because she has no clue who this guy is) to "just lay her down, just lay her down." It was a God-awful experience!! Needless to say, we WON'T EVER & I mean EVER go there again!!!! He said she had an ear infection and she was constipated. The nurse gave us a prescription for an antibiotic and sent us on our way. And like I said, all of this happened within two minutes. He didn't really explain why she was bleeding or what all we should do other than give her a glycerin suppository. It was ridiculous!!! We came home feeling more confused then we were when we left. We gave her a glycerin suppository hoping that would help her go to the bathroom.
Yesterday Ben had to work, but when we all got up I changed Olivia's diaper and she hadn't pooped or peed and there was still a little blood when I wiped her bottom. I was very concerned!! Then I put her down and she was walking around patting her bottom and crying. It was pitiful!!
This is what she looked like. :( I called Ben and told him what was going on and I needed to take her to the doctor and I didn't know if I should just take her to the ER at Mayfield since he was there or if I should take her to her doctor's office to see the other pediatrician. We decided that since her doctor wasn't working that I would take her back to the ER. Thankfully, as I was getting ready to put her in the car, she pooped! I don't think I've ever been so happy. lol. It was still a little hard, but nothing like it had been. I could tell that made her feel so much better. I decided that since it was still a little hard and there was still a little blood that I would just call her doctor's office. The nurse called me back and told me to give her some prune juice and give her more fiber that should keep her going. So far, she's been better. The bleeding has stopped and she's gone to the bathroom once since then. Now we're just fighting these crazy allergies that we have going on around here, but thanks to everyone for keeping us in your prayers. It's a little scary when something is wrong with your child and you don't really know what it is and then to top it off you see an extremely rude doctor who's on some power trip and that just makes it all worse, but again, thanks for all the prayers because I believe that's what has helped the most!

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