Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's My Party

Sorry for the extreme amount of pictures, but I couldn't help but post them. This past weekend we celebrated Olivia's 2nd Birthday at YaYa's Island. We had been there once before for Olivia's friend, Addi's birthday. Olivia loved it so we thought we'd give it a whirl. Her actual birthday isn't until Sunday, but as you probably know by now (if you follow my blog) our good friends Austin & Allie are getting married this weekend!!! Since they're the kids God-parents and we're in the wedding, we moved her party up one weekend. :)
Here's her cake and cookies from The Cake Lady.  They are absolutely amazing!! I love all of their goodies! They're always delicious and ADORABLE!!!
Here's a pic of the table. Ben cut out the owls for the gift bags. I don't think he would do that for anyone else except his daughter. :) (I think she has him wrapped around her little finger). ha!
Here's the BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! I ordered her outfit from Ribbon Chix. As you've seen by now, we had an "owl theme." It was really cute!!
She had so much fun playing. It was kind of a struggle to get her to sit still to open her presents.
After opening a few, she seemed to get the hang of it. :)
She got lots of Dora stuff... she happened to get two Dora guitars. lol!
And more Dora...
And more presents. It was like Christmas!!! I'm so glad so many of our friends came to the party and spent her special day with us, but she got LOTS of stuff!!!
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! How cute??????
Blowing out her #2 candle!
Playing with Owie!
Look at my little man!! He's getting so big!
And look at those blue eyes , they make my heart melt!!!!

I can't believe how fast they grow up! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing Olivia home from the hospital and this past weekend we celebrated her 2nd birthday!

I can't believe you're almost two!! It's crazy how big you're getting. You talk all the time. (I'm not sure who you get that from) Ha! And it's not gibberish, but you talk in full sentences!!! Just tonight you told Owen, "Come on Owie" except you said come on in this crazy growly voice. It was hilarious!! You are one funny girl, but there's one thing for sure you sure do love your Owie!! You are my sunshine!! Your daddy and I love you so much!! You make our lives complete!!!
Happy Birthday my sweet baby!!! We love you!!!
Mommy, Daddy & Owie

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