Monday, October 10, 2011

Eight Years Ago Today....

Eight years ago today, I married my best friend! I was only 19 and he was 21. Yes, we were "young and in love." We dated for about 6 months and then he proposed and within a year we were married. I just knew on our first date that we would get married one day. There was just something in me that said, "you will marry him one day." 
We've had lots of good, fun times together and we've had times where we've cried together too. He's always been my rock. When I've fallen to pieces he's always been there to pick me back up.
We've had our surprises. :) And we've had our disappointments.
We never knew our life could be so full until we welcomed this sweetie.
And we really never knew what to expect until he came along too. ;)
It's been an exciting and interesting journey these past eight years. Can I say it's always been easy? No. But I can say it's always been worth it!!

Thanks for choosing me to spend the rest of your life with. You could of chose someone else, but you didn't. You chose me. I can't put into words how you complete me, but it's true, you do. We're sometimes as opposite as you can get, but I think that's what make us, us. I'm so glad we've shared our lives together for these past eight years. We've had some bumps in the road and some curve balls thrown our way, but all in all, we've endured everything that has been given to us. We've even had some crazy unexpected moments (finding out we were pregnant with Owie), but we've seemed to get through them too without a hitch in our step. I love you with all of my heart!!! You are truly a great husband and a great father! You set the bar pretty high! Thanks for always standing up for what you believe in and for always staying true to the word of God. You inspire me. (yes, you). :) I love you more and more everyday and I can't wait to spend even more wonderful years together with you!!
Happy Anniversary!!
With love,

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