Monday, October 24, 2011

Girl's Weekend

(Disclaimer: Sorry it's taken me so long to post this, I'm just getting around to uploading the pictures). :)
It's no surprise by now (if you read or follow my blog) that our friends Austin and Allie got married this weekend!! (I'll post about it tomorrow). Well, a couple of weeks ago we went to Nashville for Allie's Bachelorette party! We had so much fun!!
We decked the car out with Bachelorette stickers!!
Here's the (soon-to-be) bride holding the car flag that happened to fly out the window as soon as we turned onto the interstate. LOL! It about gave Carly and I a heart attack, but it was hilarious.
When we arrived to the hotel, Lindsey had it decorated in our "Allie Cat" theme. It was too cute!!
She even had goodie bags fully equipped with all bachelorette attire... stickers for the night ("Take Me Home Tonight, Cutie Patootie, Show Us the Gun Show, Moves Like Jagger, Mc. Steamy") I'm sure you get the point. Believe me we had lots of fun with those. Ha! She also gave us a button to wear and some cute bracelets. It was really adorable!! Thanks, Lindsey for putting so much effort into it. It was great!
We "showered" the soon-to-be bride with some must need newly wed attire and also with a snuggie sutra book. (Very detailed). Ha!
Then we got ready for our night out and went to eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory. It was delicious. After we left there, we headed out for our night on the town.
We ended up in the V.I.P. section at this dance club called Chase's where "lover" gave us all massages!!! Yeah it was nice. ;)
We had an awesome view overlooking the river and LP field. All in all is was a great night out with some fun girls.

I have to give a special thanks to my hubby for taking care of the kids and letting me have a night with the girls. (He's pretty great!) Thanks, honey!! :)

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