Monday, October 31, 2011

Allie & Aust's Wedding

I've been a bad blogger lately. We've been so busy gearing up for Halloween that I haven't had a chance to sit down and post about the wedding. Yes, Allie is now Mrs. Guill!! YAY!!!  I would say it's been a long time coming, but they've only been engaged for FIVE months and on Saturday, October 22, 1011 they tied the knot!!! 
The venue... was AMAZING!!! It's called The Grand Lodge on Fifth. The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were held there Friday night and afterwards the girls spent the night upstairs in the apartment that's provided. It was so nice. Here's the bride and me the morning of the ceremony. Fixing to get ready. :)
Allie looked beautiful!! I was with her when she bought her dress and I knew it was beautiful then, but wow, I totally forgot how gorgeous it really was.
(Photo courtesy of Britney Deshea Photography)
Britney Hargrove took her pictures and the sneak peeks have turned out really good. She really takes great pictures!!
Here we are again after getting "fixed up". ha. (I'd say we look a little bit different). LOL!
(Photo courtesy of Teris's Facebook Page)
Here's the bridal party during the ceremony. Aren't those chandeliers BEAUTIFUL???? I can't say enough about the venue... simple, but elegant... just perfect!
Here's Ben and I. We didn't walk together, I got to walk with "Jets Fan" (lol!), but I loved that we could actually get a few good pics of us together all dressed up. ;)
(Sorry for the poor quality, IPhone pic)
I think Olivia and her Poppy had a good time.
 I have to give a special thanks to my parents for watching the kids for us Friday night thru Saturday night while we were with the bridal party and to my mom for watching Olivia during the ceremony since Ben, Dad and I were all in the wedding. :)
The father/daughter and mother/son dance.
THE CAR!!!! To the boys who did this... you know who you are... I would've killed you. :)
(Photo courtesy of Britney Deshea Photography)

To Austin & Allie,
We are so happy for you guys! It really seems like yesterday you guys were pulling into our driveway to show off the ring and now, you are husband and wife. Thanks for letting Ben and I be a part of your special day. It truly was amazing. All the hard work really paid off because it was just gorgeous. Friends are easy to make, but true friends are rare. I can honestly say that you two are true friends! I cherish our friendship! Thanks for being there for us and for our kids. We love you both!!
Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. Austin Guill!!!
(Every time I say that, I smile).

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  1. AWWW... Thanks so much Amanda!! I'm so glad that you guys were apart of our special day. It wouldn't have been complete without you guys. Thanks being such awesome friends. We are truly blessed!!!! I can't stop smiling either when I say my new name... Allie Guill... hehe