Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Perfect End to A Not so Good Week

It's been pretty crazy around here lately. A week ago today, I was off and it was a nice day so Olivia, Owen & I made a quick trip up to the lake. My parents were up there and I wanted to see how high the water had gotten since all the floods. Olivia acted sort of strange while we were there, but we just figured she was trying to figure out where she was at because we haven't been up to the lake since she was 9 or 10 months old. Either way, we stayed for a little while, then we headed back home. Olivia usually takes about a 2 to 3 hour nap during the day, but since we had been up at the lake around her nap time, she didn't get her nap out. So when we got home I laid her down for a nap. She slept for awhile, but then when she got up she was pretty clingy (which most of you know, she is usually go go go and doesn't stop for anything). She felt like an electric blanket. So I went and took her temp and it was 103.4!! I about freaked out!! She's never had a temperature and she's NEVER been sick! Yes, she's 18 months old and has been VERY healthy!! (Thank the good Lord)! So when her temp was so high, I immediately called the doctor. While I was calling the doctor she even threw up a little bit. =( Since it was after hours (it was like 6:00 pm), they told me that they could get her in but her doctor was already gone for the day and she would have to see one of the doctor's who was on-call. We said that was fine. My parents came over and kept Owen and we rushed her to the doctor. They got us back rather quickly and she ended up seeing her pediatrician's husband (he's a family practice doctor). Honestly, he wasn't that helpful. They gave her some Motrin and an antibiotic and then said that her ears were a little red, but if she was still running a fever tomorrow that we should bring her back to see her actual doctor (his wife).
The next day, I went to work and my mom came over to watch the kids. I came home on my lunch break to see how Olivia was doing and my mom said that she hadn't peed all day and that she felt a little warm. I checked her temp and her fever was 102.1. I called the doctor and they told me to bring her in. I was terrified. I immediately thought that they were going to put us in the hospital because I figured she was dehydrated. When we got back to see the doctor she looked at her ears and looked in her throat, you now, the usual work over. Then she said that they were going to do a test on her ears, they wanted to check to see if there was any fluid behind her ears. When then went back to the exam room and the nurse proceeded to draw her blood. =( I think I was just as traumatized as Olivia was. (Like I said, this was her first time to be really sick). Her lab results came back ok, but the doctor said that she had tonsillitis and that I needed to try to get an ounce of juice, water, anything down her per hour to keep her out of the hospital. They then gave her an antibiotic shot and sent us home. Hallelujah! At least we didn't have to go to the hospital! The next day I took off work to stay home with her, but thankfully she started feeling better and by the middle of the day her fever broke. We stayed in Saturday too, but Sunday was Mother's Day and since she wasn't running a fever and was feeling much better we decided to go to church. 
After church my mom had fixed lunch for my grandparents and us so we went over to their house to eat. 
This was what I found when I got home. =) I have the best little family ever! Ben had placed a rose in Olivia's room, Owen's room and in our room. There were rose pedals directing me to each room. Each rose had a note under it.
The note from Olivia:
"The Pink rose stands for you and me Mom. Girl POWER!! The things in common that we share. You are an amazing woman and when I grow up I want to be Just-Like-You. Not Dora or Olivia the Pig but I want to be like you. I love you Mom. Olivia.
The note from Owen:
The Yellow rose stands for Friendship, the friendship that I have with you. I'm only 4 months old I know, but somehow I know that when I am big, you and I will be the bestest friends. I love you Mom and can't wait! Owen.
The card from Ben:
The Red rose stands for Love pure, never ending love, the kind of love that endures all things. The kind of love that will never fail, fall or fade. This is the love that I have for you! You are a wonderful mother and the greatest wife I could ever have asked for. I love you! Ben.
Are those not the sweetest things???? Needless to say, my heart MELTED! I am truly blessed with a great husband and two wonderful children!
Afterward, we went up to the lake to spend the night and hang out with our friends Allie & Austin.
Olivia had a blast. As you can see, she is feeling MUCH better!! She LOVES the water! I didn't really know how she would react, but she wanted to just run right out into it. This is a good and bad thing. I'm thinking swimming lessons will be happening soon. LOL!
I think little man was just pooped. He loves riding around on the golf cart, but it usually puts him to sleep. =)
I hope everyone had a very Happy Mother's Day! I know that I did!

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