Thursday, May 26, 2011

Storms, Storms & More Storms

Last night we were under a Tornado Warning. This isn't really that uncommon during this time of year, but since the tornado in Joplin, the weather authorities were really trying to be on top of things and get warnings out really early so people could be prepared and not caught off guard. If you know me, I absolutely HATE storms! I've never been a big fan of storms, but now that I have kids, they absolutely terrify me. I know that's awful because I'm the parent and I should stay calm so the kids don't freak out, but I don't like them at all! Thankfully Ben was home with us and we were pretty prepared prior to all the warnings. I'm so glad that I cleaned our pantry closet out due to my stock-pile from couponing, so we hunkered down in there until the storm passed by. I think the kids thought we were just having a big campout. LOL!
However, on a serious note, we don't tend to think about it, but in the case of an emergency, you need to have an emergency plan in place. I've never thought about it before, but when the weather authorities kept posting warnings, we decided we should get a plan in place. It was depressing and scary but we had to figure out what we'd do in case cell phone reception went out or if a tornado came through and demolished everything. Thankfully, we didn't have to use our "emergency plan," but at least now we know what we need to do in the case that something really bad does happen.

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