Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flood 2011

If you've even turned on the news lately, then you've heard about the crazy storms and flooding that has been going on around here. I have never seen water out like it has been. Thankfully most of the rivers around here have crested and are starting to receed.
Here's a few pics of what we've seen lately...
(I'm not sure why these pictures are sideways)
This was one of the storms that came through. Dangerous cloud!

This was going to Ben's parents' house on Easter Sunday. Needless to say we had to take a different route. "Turn around, don't drown."
This is up at the lake where we camp. Where you csee the water, that's usually where campers are.
Ben took this picture the other day when he was driving to Hickman.

Here in Mayfield, we've been really lucky, but all the counties around us haven't been so lucky. Most of the surrounding counties are either experiencing high flood waters or they've had major storm damage. People have lost their homes, their belongings, etc. Please keep them in your prayers.

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