Monday, November 1, 2010

My Boo-tiful Bumble Bee

Even though this was not Olivia's "first" Halloween,
to me, it kind of was.
Last year she was only 8 days old on Halloween.
I had made her a tutu and she had a pumpkin onsie
and we went to see my grandparents and that was it.
This year....
she was a BUMBLE BEE!!
And I have to say... she was the cutest bee I've ever seen. ;-)
Even though she's still too little for
"trick or treating,"
we enjoyed dressing her up and
going to see some of our family.
We also enjoyed the fall festival and
trunk or treat that we had at our church!
I know there will be many more Halloweens to come
and I look forward to them.
It's fun making new traditions with our little family.


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