Monday, November 1, 2010

12 Month Update

You are now ONE!!!
(Sorry for the delay... we've been busy).
Boy, how you have changed in a year!
Friday we went to the doctor for your check-up and shots. =(
The doctor says you're right where you need to be.
However, you had to get SIX, yes SIX shots!
And a finger stick!
(Needless to say, mommy & daddy were broken hearted).
But you did great!
I think the shots gave you lots of energy because
you were bouncing off the walls Friday night. ha.

You now weigh 20 lbs. and a few oz.
(I forgot the exact amt).
Your height, weight & head growth are right on target!
There's a few changes the doctor wants us to make...
We have to get rid of your bottle!
but the doctor says you need to only take your sippy cup.
So, no more bottle... only sippy. =(
I'm sorry sissy girl!

Also, no more formula, only whole milk.
I'm pretty happy about this one,
and you seem to be liking it pretty good.
We're also working on some more table foods,
because girly you like to eat! =)

You are a babbling machine!
You rattle and rattle.
Words you actually say these days are:
Momma, Dada, Popp-e, Bye bye, Hi, ba-ba,
sometimes Pap Paw & baby.
(I'm sure that there's some more words that I'm leaving out,
but those are the only ones I can think of).
You wear a size 3 diaper
and 9 to 12 month clothes.
You are getting to be one big girl!
I can't believe that in a couple more months
you'll have a little brother!!

Mommy & Daddy love you with all of our hearts!!
You truly make are lives COMPLETE!!

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