Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life, Love & Happiness

I initially started blogging because
it created sort of an online scrapbook for me.
It's quick & easy and it allows me to be able to
look back and see what all was going on in our lives
at certain times and to see how Olivia has grown, etc.
Obviously I mainly blog about Olivia...
However, today, with this post, it's my "venting" from all the pregnancy hormones
that I've been experiencing and unfortunately unleashing.
I'll throw in a couple of pictures of Olivia for good measure,
but I've got to get all this out. =)
When I was pregnant with Olivia
I never really experienced any of the crazy hormones.
I might have cried a couple of times,but that was it!
I didn't feel like my entire body was taken over
by some kind of crazy alien person
who's entire purpose is to make me feel
completely & totally OUT OF CONTROL!
Three words:
Pregnancy Hormones Suck!
This past weekend, my hormones must have been at a peak.
I lost count of how many times I cried.
Yeah, it was mainly over stupid, petty little things,
but I'm not a crier.
Yes, I cry sometimes, but I can usually keep it together.
However, this weekend must have been a total exception.
There are some things going on in our lives that
Ben & I are praying and seeking God over,
and maybe the devil just got the best of me
and took complete control,
but I hate being so upset and crying and crying.
I mean what good does it do anyways?
I know that God is still God and HE is able to handle
anything and everything that we throw His way!
I just hate feeling out of control and like I'm "losing it".
I know that it's these CRAZY hormones,
but man, I'm so ready for them to disappear!
Please remember us in prayer
(yes, things are fine with Ben & I),
it's not "us,"
but there are just some things that are going
on in our lives that we're in prayer about.
I'm not really at a place where I can elaborate,
but please when you pray, say a prayer for us.
Thanks for listening to my big long spew,
sometimes it's best just to vent. =)

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