Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

I've got lots on my mind today.
I feel like my mind is going 90 to nothing.
This weekend was KICK-OFF for NFL!!!
When I was pregnant with Olivia
I bought her a Rams cheerleading outfit.
Ben is a huge Rams fan and I'm a Patriots fan.
Yeah, totally opposite. ha.
However, my two sweets looked pretty cute yesterday.
(No, Ben did not wear his jersey to church). Ha.
But as soon as he walked in the door, he changed.
Even Poppy was kind of dressed in Rams colors. ha.
(I'm sure he did not plan it that way).
I wanted to get a cute "Kick-off" pic of me and Olivia,
but as you can tell from the picture above
she was obviously tired of getting her picture taken.
Of course when the game is on,
we have to have game food.
A couple of our friends came over after church
and we enjoyed: tacos, rotel dip & chocolate cupcakes.
I'm proud to say that the Patriots won-38 to 24
and even though the Rams lost- 13 to 17
they still played a good game.
I'm pretty happy with the new QB, Sam Bradford.

Other randoms from this weekend:
*My new wreath is now hanging on our front door.
I'm pretty happy with the finished product.

*Saturday Olivia took a dive-HEAD FIRST- off of her changing table. It scared me half to death, but thankfully she is OK. I just happened to turn for a split second and the next thing I know she was flying off the changing table.

*Please remember two families at my church..
Mary Lou Milby lost her husband Bill a few weeks ago and I know that she's going to have good days and bad days, but please remember her and her family in your prayers. They were married for 54 years and one morning she woke up and he didn't. I know that she has a long road ahead of her, but when you pray, please speak her name.
Also, another lady in my church, Sis. Nancy, was diagnosed with stomach cancer two years ago. She underwent surgery and chemo and radiation and from the reports, all the cancer was gone. However, last year she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She underwent surgery, chemo and radiation and again, they thought they had got it all.
Well, earlier this year they were told that there was a spot on her brain that they didn't get with surgery and she would need to undergo more treatments. She just finished her last radiation treatment a couple weeks ago and she doesn't go back for repeat scans until October, but please pray that the cancer is now gone. This lady is an AWESOME woman of God. She loves the Lord and her church family with ALL of her heart and it breaks my heart to see her and her family go through all of this.
So, please when you pray, please say a prayer for these two families.

Like I said, my mind is going 90 to nothing, but I hope everyone had a great weekend.
My only complaint is that they're just too short. =)

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