Friday, June 11, 2010

Not the Best Week...

Let me just start out by saying...
This week has been somewhere in between the intersection of bad and horrible.
Earlier in the week I broke out in a TERRIBLE case of sun poisoning!
Thank the good Lord for Medrol, Benadryl & Vinegar.
I have been soaking in vinegar baths and living off the steroids and benadryl.
Later on in the week Olivia got terribly sick.
We took her to the doctor yesterday and after waiting for 2 hours we finally got to see the doctor. After another hour and four, yes I said, four prescriptions later we got to leave. I had almost forgot what the doctor said that she has by the time we left. ha.
Needless to say, she's one sick little girl.
Thankfully, it hasn't really affected her mood, but you can just tell she does not feel good.
On top of that, I had an emotional meltdown yesterday because I felt like I had to choose between my job and taking care of my child. For anyone who is a stay at home mom, be thankful, very thankful. I know the days can get long being at home, but I would give anything... ANYTHING to be able to be at home with my little sweet girl.
It's not fun being put in a position where you have to choose.
Sorry for my ongoing rambling and venting and ranting and raving, but this week has just SUCKED! I'm thrilled that today is Friday and I can go home after work and curl up with Ben & Olivia and do absolutley NOTHING!!
I have a really cute post about Ben and Olivia from earlier in the week when life was actually happy, but I'll post it later this weekend.
But for now I hope you enjoyed the pics of O,
this was earlier in the week when she felt good.
 I hope you have a great weekend!

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