Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Sorry to take a break from blogging...
It wasn't intentional, we've just been busy little bees lately.
We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with our friends and family.
Olivia & I went up to the lake Friday night after I got off work and spent the night/Saturday with Poppy. (I think he enjoyed it).
One of my most favorite things to do up at the lake is go eat at breakfast at Bee Springs.
Even though it's the campground right next to ours, we usually get on the boat and ride over and eat breakfast outside. My dad aka Poppy says it's the ambiance. ha.
Anyways, since we didn't have the boat docked, we ended up riding the golf cart over there. (Olivia loves riding the golf cart).
The breakfast was good, of course, and of course, I love eating outdoors by the lake, but what wasn't so good was it cost us $20 bucks to eat breakfast.
Mind you, it was just me and my dad. We both had toast, eggs, home fries & bacon or sausage. He had coffee and I had a can Dr. Pepper.
I mean, come on, $20?? Really.
Needless to say, my favorite summer tradition has now gone by the wayside.
We'll be fixing our own breakfast. Ha.
Nevertheless, that didn't stop our weekend fun.
Olivia must love the lake, but it wears her out.
This was her pretty much all weekend...
Sorry for the poor quality, it was dark and I took it with my iPhone.
Then here she is again... Sweet girl =)
Other than sleeping and paying way too much for breakfast we had a fish fry Sunday afternoon and grilled out Monday afternoon and played corn-hole and then little Ms. O went swimming for the very first time.
She LOVES her pool!
She would lay on her back and then flip over to her stomach and hang on to the side of the pool and pull herself around. It was the cutest thing. Then she started putting her face in the water and starting drinking the water. Lord, she's a hand-full. =)
Overall, we had a great weekend and we're happy that summer has unofficially begun.
Time to get on the water and have fun.
Happy Summer!

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