Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

This Easter was such an exciting time for our family. Unfortunately, Owen was sick and I had to keep him in so he didn't get to come to our church Easter egg hunt. However, sister and I went and she was just hilarious.
When she started hunting the easter eggs, after she got a few eggs in her basket, she just wanted to dump them all out and then she would just laugh. It was so funny. 
She looked real thrilled in this picture. LOL!
Here she is playing with one of her eggs that she found.
Still playing with the eggs... needless to say, the eggs weren't in the basket for very long.
Here she is on the move... again.

I wish that Owen could have been there with us, but I have to say just taking Olivia by herself was a trip. Last year she wasn't walking at Easter and it was a lot of fun watching her run around and dump all of her eggs out.

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