Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thinking About Things

When you become a parent, there are many things that you don't want to think about, but you know that they are necessary to have in place. Just to name a few: saving for college, making a will, life insurance, etc. For some reason, I have really been thinking about getting our will made. We're just not guarenteed a tomorrow and I'd like to know that if something happened to Ben and I that our kids would be well taken care of.
As most of you know, I'm an only child. (This creates sort of a problem when you're trying to figure out who your kids would go to in the case of some crazy accident). Ben comes from a family of four. He has an older brother and two younger sisters. His brother and one of his sisters lives in Frankfort, KY. His other sister happens to be our next door neighboor.
 Even though his sister is our neighbor, we still usually only see them at family gatherings and since his brother and other sister live in Frankfort, we don't see them very often. If you've ever been in this kind of situation, you know it's not one that you want to face, but I believe it is necessary to have all these things figured out just for that just in case moment.
Ben and I have talked and talked and talked about who we would want our kids to go to if something happened to us and we've only been able to come up with one suitable solution. We have two friends, Austin & Allie.
(Yes, I stole this picture from her blog, I'm sure she won't mind. LOL!)
They aren't just our friends, they are like family to us. Olivia and Owen will grow up thinking that they're really their Aunt & Uncle because we always call them Aunt Allie & Uncle Austin. They are so close to our kids that usually if they don't see them at church on Sunday, then they will usually come over to the house during the week so they can see them.
Here's a prime example. On St. Patrick's Day, Allie came over and went to the park & out to eat with us. You can read more about that here.
Nevertheless, even though Ben & I had it all figured out there was still one very important thing missing. Asking them. Ben & I decided that after church we would talk to them and just see what they would say. I was hoping they would say yes, but if something happened to us, two kids, 14 months apart and they don't even have their own kids yet, you just never know. Well, they said YES!!! I cannot tell you how happy that I am. Of course, I hope that nothing ever happens to me or Ben, but in the crazy case that it does, I know that I won't have to worry about our kids. Austin and Allie treat them just as good as we do. Owen and Olivia both love them dearly and I have to say that we do too.

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  1. Ok.... you just made me cry !!!! I totally skipped this blog and I don't know how. But I must say thank you so much for asking us to be their godparents. It's like the most amazing thing ever and I am so proud to be there for those kids. These last 2 years have been amazing not with just Austin but with the awesome new friends that I have made !!! You guys are like family to me as well and will always be. And I know who I will be choosing for my kids godparents :) Love you guys !!!