Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thank You Mickey D's

We've not had a whole lot going on around here lately. Just takin' it
easy at home... Watching Olivia drag out all her toys & watching Owen
sleep... That pretty much sums it all up. :-) Since I felt like the
walls were starting to close in on me & was craving some McDonald's (I
don't remember the last time that I had fast food), when Ben got home
last night we loaded up the car (the kids & I were in our pjs.. Yeah
real cute) and we went thru the drive-thru at good ol' Mickey D's.
This is Olivia with her first ever chicken nugget Happy Meal. She
really liked it. She looked adorable drinking her apple juice from the
juice box and not her sippy cup. My little girl is growing up. ;-)

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