Friday, January 7, 2011

14 months!!

I can't believe it, but my little girl is 14 months old!! (Almost 15 months since I'm a little behind).
What is she up to these days??
One word: ALOT!!!
She is such a busy body lately. She really loves playing with her toys. For Christmas my mom bought her a play tea set & the tea pot sounds like it's actually pouring tea & everytime we "pour her some tea" she "takes a sip." it is the cutest thing!! She also LOVES her baby dolls. I truly believe that's why she's so good with Owen because we've tried to teach her to "love" her babies & let me tell you, it's worked. :-) She loves giving her babies hugs & kisses.
What else is she in to?
Let's see... This girl still loves to eat! We're finally breaking away from baby food & she's been eating everything we eat. For the most, she's done really well with the transition. She is also a little rattle box. She talks non-stop! (I'm not sure who she gets that from- lol!) Of course, we can't understand everything she says because most of it is jibberish, but a few of her favorite words lately: car car, pop pop pop, bubba, baby, papaw, chocolate, bye, hi, hey, then of course, mama & dada. :-)
I have to say, there's never a dull moment at our house! She's always kind of had a bed time, but when I was placed off work & in the hospital with Owen we got out of the routine. While we just started this week, around 7:30 we give her a bath, then get her ready for bed, then we read to her & then by 8:00 we say our prayers & then we put her to bed. This has worked out beautifully!! Olivia has always been a great sleeper, but she has been doing really good with her new routine.
All in all, she's getting to be a BIG girl! It's like Ben keeps saying, she's not a baby anymore. :-( I know she has to grow up, but it is happening soooo fast! We're having the absolute best time of our lives these days! These are definitely the moments that I want to cherish forever!

You are a GREAT big sister & the sweetest, most cutest daughter that I could ever hope for! I love you with all my heart!! You & now your little brother make our lives complete!
We love you sissy girl!
Mommy & Daddy

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