Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Olivia 13 Months

You are now 13 months old!!
What are you up to these days...
You LOVE remotes and cell phones!
You're so funny because you will pick up a remote or cell phone
and put it up to your ear and say "Hi!"
It's the cutest thing.
And just the other night you took the t.v. remote,
pointed it toward the t.v. and changed the channel. ha!
You are one smart little girl. LOL!

You've really started walking more the past few days.
(I'm so glad..
I was starting to think that you were never going to walk).
You look so cute when you walk because you're so little,
it's really sweet to watch.
You also love walking on the couch.
This makes me a nervous wreck,
but you just think it's the greatest thing in the world!

We're trying to break you from your bottle and
so far I think we've done a pretty good job.
You only get a bottle at night before you go to bed
and that's only sometimes.
Other times we can put you in your bed with just your paci
and you go right off to sleep.

At your 12 month check-up the doctor told us to get rid of your bottle and your paci,
but I just can't take everything away from you at one time.
I mean, come on, you do have a little brother on the way
and he's going to have a bottle and a paci,
so as long as we get rid of all of it before you go to school
I'll be happy. ;-)

You're a talking machine!
You just rattle and rattle!
Half of the time I have absolutely no clue what you're saying,
but you sure are telling me about it.
Words that you say the most are:
Hi, Mama, Dada, Bye, Baby, sometimes Bubba, Mimi, Pop Pop (referring to Poppy), sometimes Pa (referring to PaPaw), sometimes Pap Paw.
Those are the only ones I can really think of right now.
And girlie, YOU LOVE TO EAT!!
Whew, you eat and eat and eat!
We've only found one thing that you don't like
and that's the pasta salad from Majestic.
Your daddy gave you some the other night
and you took it out of your mouth.
I was in shock because usually you'll eat anything. Ha!
You are really starting to like your sippy cup.
You LOVE water and your now starting to like juice a little more.

You're just growing up too fast!
It's hard to believe that your 13 months old
and in just another month you're going to be a BIG SISTER!!
We're definitely going to have our hands full!
But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

We love you sissy girl!!
You make our lives COMPLETE!
Mommy & Daddy

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