Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Owen's Room

So... when I was pregnant with Olivia
we had her room done, finished, complete
(I think you get the point)
by the time I was 20 weeks pregnant.
Everyone says with your second child things are different.
I definitely believe them.
Owen's room still isn't 100% complete.
I mean, come on, Ben just finished painting
and getting the furniture moved in a few weeks ago
and there's nothing on the walls and
we didn't even have a rug or a lamp until yesterday.
Thankfully my mom went shopping
and bought a rug and a really cute lamp.
So here's what his room looks like so far...
Here's his sweet little bed.
I just LOVE his bedding.
I can't believe that I found all of it at Twice Upon A Time
(a consignment store in Lone Oak).
I got the bedding, bumper, valance, diaper stacker & quilt all for $60!
Yeah a really good deal!!
Here's my glider, yes I know that it is pink,
but that was because it was first in Olivia's room
and I had also bought it from Twice Upon A Time
last year for $50!
And it first came from Babies In Bloom... yeah $50.
I can totally deal with the pink. LOL!
Here's his little dresser and his new lamp.
We originally had his changing table on this wall,
but I decided to rearrange last night
and I'm liking the dresser on this wall instead.
Then here's his changing table.
I just LOVE his furniture.
We bought it from a friend of ours for a really good price!
Now only if we can get some pictures on the wall
his little room will be complete!

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