Thursday, March 4, 2010


Earlier tonight after Olivia and I left my parent's house we were driving home. Ben has to work tonight, so it was just us two. Our road is somewhat "hilly." As I was driving I saw a vehicle coming over one of the hills, so as always, I slowed down. Then as I was driving up the other hill a truck came flying by and hit my driver's side mirror. It all happened so fast. I drove up to the next driveway and turned around. The truck NEVER stopped!! I came on to our house and my mirror is GONE! There are scrathes down the side of my car and on the driver's side window. I honestly do not know how the truck did not actually hurt me or my vehicle any worse than it did, but all I can say is that God was watching over me and Olivia. I am so thankful that we are ok and even though the mirror is gone and there's some scratches...we're still here! I know that it doesn't sound like it hurt our vehicle very much, but when you can see and feel a vehicle hit you, nearly head on, you freak out a little bit. I'm so thankful that we are ok.
I mean look at this little girl =)

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