Sunday, March 28, 2010


Olivia is so blessed to have BOTH sets of grandparents!
I never met my dad's father. He passed away before I was born.
My grandmother remarried and I loved him like he was my "real" grandfather, but he passed away several years ago.
Olivia is very fortunate to have both sets of grandparents.
Unfortunately, the week Olivia was born was the same week that Ben's grandfather (Olivia's great-grandfather) passed away. I loved & still love Grandpa. I wish that Olivia could have met him because she would have loved him as much as Ben & I do, but I know that he is in Heaven and he checks in on us from time to time. :-) Olivia's other great-grandmother (Ben's Grandma Gardner) also passed away before she was born, but I know that she also looks down on us.
I guess I've said all that to say this... since Olivia was born we have tried to take pictures any time that she is around her grandparents or great-grandparents and last night we just finished our collection.
My grandmother, my dad, Olivia and me.
 I think Olivia was about a month old in this picture.
Ben's grandma, Olivia, Ben & Ben's dad

My parents, grandparents, Ben, Olivia & Me

Grandma, Olivia, Ben & Ben's parents

We are so blessed with such a great family and
 we love each of you with all of our hearts!

With love,
Ben, Amanda & Olivia

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