Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun ~ Trick or Treating

We spent Halloween night over at my boss's house, eating and trick or treating in his neighborhood and let me just say it was an experience. His neighborhood goes all out for Halloween and there was people EVERYWHERE!! It was lots of fun. This was our first Halloween with both of the kids and I've always wanted our entire family to dress up and we did just that. We dressed up as characters off of The Wizard of Oz.
I was the witch, Olivia was Dorothy, Owen was the cowardly lion and Ben was the scarecrow. Thanks to Jamie & Shannon (my boss and his wife) for letting us borrow the costumes. I couldn't find ANYTHING ANYWHERE for us to wear so they hooked us up. :)
Here's my two loves. Aren't they cute?
Before we did any trick or treating we chowed down! There was so much food!! I wish I would have taken some pictures of the food. It was all delicious, cute and festive!
Look at my sweet Owie?? He was so adorable!
 I wasn't sure how they would do actually trick or treating, but they did really good. Allie & Austin came with us, so kudos to Allie for taking some pics of us!
Olivia would whisper "Trick or Treat" and then she would say "Thank You." She was too cute. We took the double stroller with us so Austin and Allie kind of tended to Owen and the stroller. :)
Are they not the cutest?
I had bought some glow sticks to put on Owen and Olivia's buckets, but Olivia thought they were drum sticks and she kept acting like she was playing the drums. She would say, "one, two" and then start moving her hands like she was drumming. I think she makes her daddy and Uncle Aust proud. ;)
We had so much fun! It was definitely experience. I can't wait until next year!
Happy Halloween 2011!!!!

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