Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Park & A New Friend

We are LOVING this warmer weather and we've been trying to take as much advantage of it as possible! Today we went to the park and Ben got to come along. (He usually has to work on Saturdays, but thankfully today he was off and got to go enjoy the pretty weather with us).
Olivia isn't too sure about the slide, but she went down it a few times with her daddy. =)
And a couple times with me. =)
She really just liked to run around the playground...
And she crawled through the tunnel.
I think Owen just liked being outside in the warmer weather. ;-)

We had a fun time at the park as a family. I look forward to many more park outings!
We also made a new friend...
He's the newest addition to our family!
Olivia absolutely adores him.
(I think if he'd let her she'd ride him like a horse. LOL!)

I hope y'all had a great weekend! I know we sure did!
Hopefully there's more sunshine & warmer weather to come!!

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