Monday, February 28, 2011

Owen 2 Months

It's hard to believe that two months have already went by,
but they have and Owen is now TWO months old!
He weighs 11 lbs. & 12 oz.
His height is 21"
His head circumference is 15 1/4"
I have to say, he's momma's little man. =)
He's still not sleeping thru the night.
He usually wakes up at least twice a night.
However, I took him to a massage therapist last week
to see if she could help with his colic/acid reflux
and since then he has slept one full night in his OWN bed.
YAY! Because on the nights that he doesn't sleep,
he's either put in our bed or his swing,
so I'm hoping he'll start sleeping in his bed.
He's also on Enfamil for fussiness & gas formula.
I was nursing, but it was not settling good with him
and his stomach seemed to be worse,
so we switched him to formula
and it has helped.
He's also started smiling and cooing.
It's the cutest thing!
I had to take both him and Olivia to get shots today. =(
Here they are waiting to see the doctor.
I have to say that I think we've adjusted
quite well since Owen's arrival.
I figured Olivia would try to kill him,
but as you can see from the picture above,
she loves him dearly!
She has to kiss him at least 100 times a day
and if he gets fussy and she doesn't think that
I'm getting to him quick enough,
she starts freaking out.
I think she's going to be a very protective big sister!
All in all, we're having the time of our lives
with our two babies.

Happy 2 months Owen!

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