Saturday, April 14, 2012

Parties and Play Dates

The past couple weekends have been busy for us. Last weekend we had Chloe's birthday party at YaYa's. She turned two.
Owen and Olivia both LOVE YaYa's.
Today, we had Jack's birthday party. He also turned two. He had his party at Mike Miller Park and it was so nice! I had never been there, but we loved the park.
Here's Olivia and the birthday boy.
He had a Mickey Mouse themed party. These cupcakes were so cute!
Since Ben had to work today, my mom came along with us.
Before we had cupcakes, we went down to the water and fed the ducks.
Owen liked the ducks.
We also played a little bit.
After we left the party, Corrie and Keeli came over for a play date. I told Olivia they were coming over and she said, "Oh boy! Yippee! I can't wait!!" lol! I don't know where she picks up this stuff.
I think Keeli and Owen were happy to see each other. :-)
They're so cute with each other.

We've had a great day catching up and playing with all of our friends. I hope you're having a great weekend, we sure are!

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