Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Modern Day Farmers

I guess we've officially went off the deep end...
because we are now proud owners of ten baby chicks.
They are so stinking cute!!
I'm not sure how this whole chicken idea came about, but the other night we were talking  about fresh eggs and then somehow we got the bright idea that we should get some chickens, so we did. I love our little chicks.

These two seem to think they're pretty cute too. Since I'm now a stay at home mom, we've found little ways to save money and I'm not going to say that getting these chicks will save us a ton of money, they may actually cost us money, but I love being able to raise them and call them our own and teach the kids a little about "farming."
And little Miss here who's usually scared of EVERYTHING thinks they're the greatest things ever! She loves her little chickens. She says, "Mommy you wanna go see my chickens?" It's so cute. So hopefully in a few months we'll start having some fresh eggs and enjoy the fruits of our labor. :-)

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