Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hola! 2012

Welcome 2012.
Obviously I've been on an unintentional blogging hiatus. We've been so busy gearing up for the holidays and enjoying the holidays that I haven't given much thought to blogging. We had an amazing Christmas! We got to enjoy some much needed family time and enjoyed some extended family time. My brother and sister-in-law and my nephew Declan came and spent  a couple days at our house. We enjoyed spending some time at the house and cooking and baking and running around chasing three toddlers. It was lots of fun. I think the kids had a great time too! I guess my post today is just to showcase some of our pics from Christmas and the last month (lol!) but to also reflect back on 2011 and look forward to what's to come in 2012.
Twenty-eleven was a great, yet hard year for me & Ben. We welcomed another baby as 2010 came to an end and in 2011 we started a new year with two  babies. Olivia was finally walking, but as I watched my toddler grow I was also engulfed with my newborn who kept me up most nights. Thankfully he's finally started to sleep through the night and and believe me it's pure bliss. Ben turned 30! (Yes, it was a big deal for him)! I turned 28! Olivia turned 2 and my baby turned ONE!!
 Throughout the year we've learned how to live out our new normal.... CRAZINESS!
While we were used to eating out or ordering take out, we've learned that home cooked meals and nights in seem to take priority.
Now that we have two babies in diapers we've learned that cutting coupons can help cut our costs & it's become a necessity.
I've learned to relish in the moments when my babies want me to stop what I'm doing and sit and watch Dora, Olivia, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (dvr'd) or The Fresh Beat Band because I have to remember, they're only little once.
I've learned that life isn't all about me but it's about my family and they take top priority. I've learned that going shopping is usually just a trip to Wal-Mart because most days I don't feel like dragging two toddlers around the mall.
I've learned the meaning of true friends because even though I don't see or talk to my friends as much as I'd like too, when I do see or talk to them we pick right up where we left off. (And to my friends, you have no idea how much that means to me).
I've also learned that sometimes you just have to laugh because when you're with two toddlers and their screaming or acting crazy, it's better to laugh then to cry.
I've learned that date nights don't come around very often, so when they do even if it's just going to Majestic, to make the most of it.
I've learned to try to not sweat the small stuff because when I look back, it's all small stuff.
2011 was great. It was uncharted territory for our little family and I think we made the best of it, but to Twenty-Twelve, I say BRING IT!
Isaiah 43:18 "Forget former things, do not dwell on the past."

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  1. great blog! i actually teared up! You make so many good points about slowing down and enjoying the moments! Thanks for reminding me of those too! Hope all is well with you and yours and 2012 is better than ever! <3