Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Voice

As most of you know, Ben LOVES music!!! It is his passion!! He loves to sing and play the piano, the drums, the bass, the guitar, you name it, he can probably play it and he's pretty good too. For his birthday he signed up to go audition for the new show on NBC, The Voice. They were holding open auditions at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, so down to Nashville we went. It was HOT!!! As soon as we got parked in the parking garage, we headed over to the autitorium. Unfortunately, Ben only got to go back by himself, so that meant that I got to walk around downtown Nashville by myself... torture? Just a little bit. :P I was a ball of nerves walking around waiting for him to call me or text me and let me know how it was going. We texted a couple of times back and forth, but still there was lots of waiting...
To pass the time... I walked around and took random pictures...

Ernest Tubb is a inside joke that Ben, my dad and I have, so this seemed just right.
How random is this? Yes, this is a REAL dog!! I think I've seen it all!
And just for Allie, me with The King.... Elvis! :P

Well, several hours of walking and obviously taking random pics, I finally received a phone call saying that his group was next up. I can't even imagine how nervous he was, because I was a ball of nerves. After about another hour of waiting, he finally came out. He didn't make it. :( He was grateful for the experience and I heard several others say as they came out that the judges were pretty tough. Only one person out of Ben's group made the call back list, so she would have to come back Monday and sing again and if she made it past that round then she would get to go to the first round on the show.
It was a really neat experience. We were both a little bummed, but I know and believe that everything happens for a reason and in my book, this is just for you honey,
You are the winner of The Voice, American Idol and any other singing competiton. I know that I'm usually your biggest critic, but believe me, I'm also your biggest fan!! I love you!

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