Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I've always heard that no two babies are alike. I can attest to that. Olivia has always slept, Owen is just now getting to the point where he sleeps. Owen is quiet and easy going, Olivia is chatty and high strung. lol! Like I said, totally different. Olivia has never had a skin problem, but I guess it shouldn't be a shock when Owen broke out with eczema!
His skin on his back had been a little bit dry, but we've kept a close watch on it and kept it moisturized. However, we were getting him ready for bed last night and I happened to notice that his back had broke out in red splotchy patches and his skin was flaky. I'd never seen it that bad, so I called the doctor this morning and made him an appointment.
I LOVE our pediatrician, Dr. Joyce. She is so sweet! Immediately when she saw his back she said it was eczema. Thankfully, most kids grow out of it by the time that they're three and there's medicine that makes it better. She gave him a prescription for Pediaderm which is a cream and an emollient that we have to apply three times a day until it clears and then use only as needed. She also suggested that I use Aveeno baby lotion and Aveeno baby bath. Right now we'll try just about anything to get his back looking better. I've also noticed it behind his ears and on his scalp. =( Dr. Joyce said it shouldn't take too long the medicine to work. I'm hoping it gets better soon because we're going to Branson next week so that means a good five hours in the car in a car seat. =(

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