Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My first post...

My husband and I are embarking on a new journey... PARENTHOOD!
We are expecting our first daughter, Olivia Layne to be born October 30th. Throughout this blog, I plan to post about our daily lives (as exciting as they may be). These posts will include parenting, work, church, friends, family, etc. I guess a little background info. might help...

My husband and I met at church going on seven years ago. (My dad is the pastor and Ben's parents attended our church.) Our mothers got together and decided that Ben's mom (Mary) would start praying for me and my mom would start praying for Ben. You see, we were wild childs to put it bluntly. However, they're prayers were heard and answered and we both started attending church on a regular basis and soon thereafter rededicated our lives. I'm sure your thinking, Aww love at first sight. Don't count on it. Just because our parents thought we would make a cute couple, I saw things slightly different. However, in the long-run, we ended up together. I remember our first date. It was a Sunday night after church and he came up and asked, "Do you like coffee?" Very random, I know, but I guess it worked because we have honestly been together since then.
To be more current... we just celebrated our five year anniversary last October and found out that we are expecting our first child in October of this year. Life is full of surprises. However, life is a trip and we're loving every minute of it.

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